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Pussy Riot were found guilty, and sentenced to two years in jail (retroactive). In Jail since march, no-one was surprised but the verdict was an absolute joke. Read the live feed here. They have absolutely dominated the email alerts, which is why they have their own little round up! Marissa Mayer – the new CEO of Yahoo – doesn’t identify as a feminist, and the Internet is not happy. Caitlin Morans How to be a Woman is doing rather well in the US. Lindy West wrote an article about feminism on Jezebel, and people fired back – I would argue they missed the message. Feminist Ryan Gosling got a coffee table book – yeah, this has been big news. Bad Body Image is back in the news with more articles claiming that it is a self fulfilling prophecy. Cupcake Feminism? Read the original article here – I find it hilarious as a part Maltese, single mother, working class -but-university-educated-thanks-australia! feminist living below the poverty line whose art practice incorporates traditional craft techniques, and I even enjoy cooking the odd apple crumble when i find time (only because that way my poor intolerant body can enjoy a delicious dessert – and it makes the kid happy, but that could be because she makes the crumble while I stew the fruit!!). US President Barack Obama holds the opinion that women deserve to be treated as human –others dont agree.

Ex Cosmo (USA edition) editor Helen Gurley Brown passed away.

Image – Katie Halchischick from O magazine went viral (though, i thought she already had)

Kickstarter – Liora K Rediscovering feminism in America

Other Round-ups of note

After Ellen feminist fridayChick-a-fila and LGBT rights, body control, and much more.

Weekly Feminist Reader @feministing by Maya. (Aug 5 – yes, I am still that far behind!)


This photo has nothing to do with the body image debate. Tory Maguire. Regarding the conversation surrounding Leisel Jones*s body shape prior to the olympics. Still makes me roll my eyes.

Overweight remarks about athletes inappropriate and completely unfair. @Medicine hat news

Games On! the London 2012 Olympics – So Far, So Feminist? Katie Wlesh.

The shaming of Olympian Leisel JonesRebecca Kamm.

Olympic Shorts – Naked ambition of Ukranian Feminists offers a volleyball sideshow. Liam OBrien


Feminist Writings – Women in Media Vs. The Male GazeGreg Downing tells us why women aren’t just there for the visual enjoyment of men.

Manic Pixie Dream Dissidents – How the World Misunderstands Pussy RiotSarah Kendzior. I put it in here because it is just that good.

Happiness in gender equality movement. Alita Damar.

How should we talk to men about sexism? Laurie Penny. Laurie Penny and Martin Robbins discuss patriarchy, male feminism, and how to talk to men about feminism. I give this conversation all the awards.

The male feminist – a contemporary player in the fight for women’s liberationJacob Engelberg

On the Intersection of Race & Feminism – A Conversation with Neesha Meminger and Ibi Zoboi. @Tiger Beatdown. wow. incredible. powerful.

2 women. 2 very different views on feminism. Lucy Chesterton and Jane Caro. Lucys piece seems to be a bit muddled as she struggled to be able to say – I am a feminist, but I also like things that many seem to reject. Jane Caros piece wins all the awards. I found myself nodding along and saying oh hell yes! the entire time. I am biased though, because I kinda love Jane Caro… 

Redefining the F-Bomb – Who Needs FeminismJulie MA.  Ive blogged about the Who Needs Feminism tumblr before, but here is a great article to remind you all about it =)

Modern Feminism from a Teenagers Perspective@The Cycle. Julie Zeilinger of the F-Bomb talks Feminism.

Why is Reddit So Anti-Women? An Epic Reddit Thread Counts the Ways. Redqueen. This is a case of a bad headline for a decent article. Some good points. 

Do Nice Guys Contribute to Rape Culture. Ben Atherton-Zeman.  Why do there continue to be prevailing stereotypes when it comes to sexual violence, why are women threatened with rape, and why are victims slandered?

Pissed-off feminist fights back – slut-shaming is a current affair. Hannah Story. Recently there was a story on that bastion of good journalism here in Australia A Current Affair about the way girls dress in Kings Cross, which was merely just an exercise in Media Slut Shaming. Hannah Story lets us know what she really thinks =)

Happy Birthday Judy Chicago! (Interview, Photos)@HuffPo A couple of weeks ago it was Judy Chicagos Birthday, and Huffington Posst gave us this incredible interview with the artist herself about feminist art, and its impact in the art world.

Women and Objectification – Brain sees men as whole, womein in parts (study). @HuffPo

Rainbow – We need a body image revolution. Rainbow Rowell. I was really happy to see a link here between body image and the language used to sell women magazines. Read this for the conclusion – I completely agree.

The risky quest for an ideal bodyLuke Malone. Men, body image, and obsession.

“There is a perception in society that it is normal for women to be concerned about their bodies but for a man to be concerned is egotistical.”

Statistics suggest that one in ten individuals with an eating disorder is male, but many experts suspect the true prevalence to be much higher due to the fact that men are less likely to report…

…For every pert, slender woman gracing a billboard or peering out from the advertising pages of magazines there is a rippling, Thor-like specimen held up as the masculine ideal which is largely unattainable for many young men regardless of how many bench presses they do or protein shakes they drink.

Plus size role models and body politics. Sonya Krzywoszya.

Graphic – found here

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