Feminist Websites and Articles


I am in no way affiliated with these guys, and pretty sure they dont know I exist, but Gosh they are good.

Feminist Frequency – Anita Sarkeesians site is one of my favourite on the web. It isnt as content heavy as some of the others, but Sarkeesians V-logs are some of the most insightful on the internet and show the power of making feminist thought accessible and relevant to the life of all women.  Bookmark it. Check back regularly.

Jezebel – Just do it. A little too much celebrity for me sometimes, but if you dig deep there is amazing content in there!

Feministe – this is one of my ALL TIME favourites. if i have a few spare hours, i can get lost in here. I highly recommend also reading the comments on many of the articles.

Feministing – Has interesting articles. can be a little ad heavy though – with many ads quite questionable.

F-bomb -Fantastic AND aimed at a younger audience (not to say you cant enjoy it regardless of your age. Bookmark it. make it a weekly read.

Reality Bites Back Blog – Its the blog that goes with the book, and to be fair most of the blogging centres around the book and its author in terrific marketing, however the links are videos make for fantastic reading.

The Guerrilla Girls – Just… go, read it. be amazed. Browse. Print their stuff, buy their books… I cannot speak highly enough of their work. In fact, I think I Owe them my degree…

Scarleteen -Sex education for the real world. This is just a little too perfect. No abstinence education here… just amazing facts.

Tiger Beatdown


Jean Kilbournes Website

Pinkstinks – Pinkstinks is a campaign that targets the products, media and marketing that prescribe heavily stereotyped and limiting roles to young girls. We believe that all children – girls and boys – are affected by the ‘pinkification’ of girlhood. Our aim is to challenge and reverse this growing trend. We also promote media literacy, self-esteem, positive body image and female role models for kids (Mission statement taken verbatim from the website)

PinkStinks Blog PinkStinks is a campaign and social enterprise that challenges the ‘culture of pink’ which invades every area of girls’ lives. We focus on providing real role models who will inspire and motivate girls to achieve great things based on ability and effort and not how you look (mission statement taken from the blog. I am a big supporter of the hard work these guys are doing!)

Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media

Ms. Magazine Blog

AdiosBarbie – Body Image site =)

Feminist Majority Foundation

GendErratic – They aim to create a dialogue around gender bringing awareness to Misogyny and Misandry without deferring to blame. This is a pretty sound site. I am really growing to like it =)

FemPop Magazine

The Mary Sue – A Guide to Girl Geek Culture. I am a little obsessed!

Class Dismissed

Got a Girl Crush.

A Mighty Girl – A fantastic site dedicated to girl friendly books, clothes and movies – featuring loads of strong women!

Please feel free to send me more so i can check them out =)

Articles Worth Reading

Feminism, Socialism and the Meat Market: An Interview With Laurie Penny

What to wear to SlutWalk

How the Blogosphere has transformed Feminist Conversation

A Womans Manifesto

Womens Social and Political Union – Awesome suffragette History!

1913 – Votes for Women

The war on photoshopping. The UK bans misleading make-up ads

Does The Media Hate Women – In Miss Representation, a new documentary that aired on OWN, Jennifer Siebel Newsom probes the distorted way the media portrays women—and how it affects girls. The director tells Jessica Bennett such depictions damage self-image. – Jessica Bennett

Real Women Have Bodies

How Do You Spell Ms. -Forty years ago, a group of feminists, led by Gloria Steinem, did the unthinkable: They started a magazine for women, published by women—and the first issue sold out in eight days. An oral history of a publication that changed history – By Abigail Pogrebin. This is an Incredible read. Do It.

Fashion Is a Feminist Issue –  I have so much love for this.

Molsons Divergent Marketing – Cosmo Vs. Playboy

10 Disney Characters who stirred up Controversy

Socialist Feminism – A strategy for the Womens Movement

In Which we Betray our Gender

[Link to PDF for a thesis] A literary Discourse on the Evolution of Gender and Sexuality in the First and Second Waves of feminism

Body Politics – Feminism and Racial

Anwyn Crawford on Women, Body Image, and Capitalism.

Eating Disorders and the Role of the Media

Feminist Critique of Walt Disneys Cinderella

Dances With Wolves – feminist critique on fairy tales and messages of sexualisation from Ms. Magazine

Mommy, I want to be a Princess – Naomi Wolf, NY Times. Is wanting to put on a princess dress really THAT damaging to little girls?

Feminists strive to remove barrier. Annalisa CastaldoA fantastic article on feminism. recommended reading.


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