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Australia debated weighing children at school to combat child obesity. Bic made a pen especially for women, and the internet let it know how it felt.Lupe Fiasco wrote a song, and people wonder Wether he is re-enforcing old stereotypes or starting an important conversation. The comments on this are telling. Kanye West keeps telling Kim Kardashian how to act/ dress/ walk/ talk/ and I assume eat. There is a blog post in this, but I am VERY pressed for time at the moment. I will see what I can come up with, but fear it means actually WATCHING Keeping Up With The Kardashians. A guy called Todd Akin in America proclaimed that there were legitimate rapes and illegitimate rapes – and the latter result in conception as the body protects the former from pregnancy and there was a collective worldwide facepalm. Lady Gaga revealed issues with body image. Apparently,  US President Barack Obama was raised feminist.  Furthermore, Feminist Barack Obama is a Hey Girl thing. A Venezuelan Plastic Surgery clinic decided to use Disney Princess Ariel to sell dreams. Condoleezza Rice gained membership to famously male only golf club Augusta. Mirror fasts?. Comedians were asked by The Feminist Avengers not to make Rape jokes during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Phyllis Diller passed away. Pussy Riot are allegedly recruiting internationally. Germaine Greer dug herself FURTHER into a hole by commenting on Prime Minister Julia Gillards appearance on Australian TV network ABC programme QandA. The questioner facepalmed – with the rest of us.

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Geek Feminism Linkspam – The Jessica Valenti link is BRILLIANT.

Blogs of Note

Things I learned from Cosmo. – Be sure to read this INCREDIBLE post which surveys 132 Cosmo covers. Check out the Gifs at the bottom!

Sexism! As Seen on Facebook – This Tumblr is INCREDIBLE. I have unfriended many people because of their sexism! Now, I just might screenie and submit!

More Pussy Riot for your Diet.

We are all Pussy Riot – Kathleen Hanna Speaks on the Jailed Feminist Punk Group@Democratic Underground. Interview – very short.

Russias New Moment. Mahir Ali

Russia Feminist activists appeal 2-year prison sentenceBrandon Gatto.

Pussy Riot – Women Still a Potent Force, Says Feminist Art Founder Judy ChicagoGianluca Mezzofiore. Chicago sees parallels in the work Pussy Riot were doing, with work she did in the 70s, and the work of the Guerrilla Girls. This is a pretty awesome little article.


Understanding Feminism. Bina Shah. This article from Pakistan is a must read.

Calling the other side extreme still works in defeating policies@Science Codex. Research at Ohio State University has concluded that describing a group as radical or extreme is the most effective method of reducing support for otherwise accepted policies.

Raising The Barr – In Defense of Roseanne And Her PoliticsMatthew Rodriguez. Recently, repeats of Roseanne were running on Australian Television, and I had the privilege of being able to watch the show as an informed adult, and was surprised at how ground breaking it really was. As a kid, i just saw Bogans on TV. As an adult, I saw issues that were (and still are) rarely addressed on Television. I began to view Roseanne Barr in a whole new way. This article only begins to encapsulate her, and it is well worth your time. I recommend also reading the link to her Oped

For Davis, A League of Their Own was a game-changer. Luaine LeeAn interview with the feminist icon herself =)

The Soapbox – Where Helen Gurley Brown Got Feminism Wrong. Julie Gerstein.  Interesting article on the former Cosmo editor*s brand of feminism that largely asserts women should play the game in order to get ahead.

I am a feminist and I love Barbie. Samantha Schoech. You know what? me too. I only ever had a couple. They helped me make friends. I had hours of fun piercing them and dying their hair with Queen food colouring, and trying to give them mohawks. My daughter has collected them for a few years – she favours fairies, and the couture collectors barbies. There is  a headless barbie in her barbie camper which disturbed me when I opened the van, and the head rolled out. But, she has had hours of play with her barbies, and bonded with many new playmates over them. She knows they are just dolls, and not realistic – and thats how it should be.

Training Feminisms Next Wave. Amelia Gentleman.  The Suffragette Summer School is a two-day feminist training camp in Britain in mid September which sounds pretty badass.


Todd Akin and The Second SexJudith Thurman. incredible. amazing. read.

Trampire? Slut-Shaming and Kristen Stewart. Jill Guccini. Yes. it is wrong to blame an affair on the woman. Pretty sure married guy is fully aware that his penis is entering and exiting a vagina that does not belong to his wife.

Body Image and Body Politics

Friends Influence Bulimic Behaviour and Body Image, but Not Dieting in Teen Girls. Interesting. would like to see more.

Street Harassment and Me. Olivia Singer.

India Barbie Dolls Send Girls Wrong Message About Race and Body ImageLakshmi Sarah.

Celebrity and appearance.

Elizabeth Wurtzel Has Finally Lost It. Katie J.M. Baker. Elizabeth Wurtzel thinks that women who arent working hard to look awesome are letting feminism – and all women – down. Pull it together girls! She published this in Harpers. Special Snowflake Award.

At Seventeen, Back To School = Back to Body-ShamingDeborah Dunham. Deborah Dunham dissects the language on the cover of the latest issue of Seventeen – and I couldn’t be prouder!

Image. – Femineato! check out this awesome tumblr which messes with advertising.

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