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In 1970, the women of Newsweek sued their bosses, so what has changed in journalism since then? A study wondered if Sexual Violence against women on tv was ok, if the girl was tough, but found it didnt challenge mens stereotypes at all. The American Democratic and Republican conventions were held – Ann Romney and Michelle Obama made speaches for their respective spouses which were keenly dissected. Barney’s and Disney have a holiday campaign which required model-fication of certain disney characters. An American Dr refused to treat a patientbased on her weight – and has issued a 200lb cut off. People are still reaching high pitched notes over successful women not identifying with the F word – look, we cant force it! Lego friends is successfuldammit. Check out this giggle from feministing! Naomi Wolf wrote a biography for the Vagina which has set the internet a-buzz! Emma Watson revealed a body image struggle. Its body image and awareness week in the Northern TerritoryMens Health tried to help guys calm down an angry bear – i mean woman.


The cost of gender


Got A Girl Crush – check out the PDF

Other Weekly Wrap-ups of Note

Feminist Friday @ Afterellen 

Linkspam @Geekfeminism


Why Have Kids? author on parenting’s contradictions. Sharon Jayson. Jessica Valentis new book Why Have Kids questions the way in which parenting is framed, and Ms. Valenti talks about this in her interview. – Home of HypocrisyEmily Merlino. Ms. Merlino makes some wonderful points, though does fail to acknowledge a few things – such as the olympic thighlights was more a praise of sports-peoples incredible bodies whilst being a parody of the more male-gaze centred images we see on sports websites (well thats how i saw it). I was more concerned with the crazy objectification of that swimmer guy – something Lochte (he isnt Australian, so I barely care). I quite enjoyed the focus on these strong muscley thighs which were both male and female! (we have to assume not transgender, because we know how the IOC feels about this). But, she raises many points for consideration, and it would be fun to have a debate with her. Jezebel is definitely open for a lot of criticism.

Pussy Riot Was Carefully Calibrated for ProtestMelena Ryzik.

Confessions of an accidental feministRachel Held Evans. 


Rape Fatigue and You. When Theres Just No Anger Left. Erin Gloria Ryan. all the awards.

Arguing about rape on the Internet@Liberateyourself. If you dont know Liberate Yourself, can I suggest you get acquainted?  I am fairly certain this article was penned by the formidable Hannah Paterson, whose work I deeply admire. A definite must read.

To all those men who don’t think the rape jokes are a problem @Liberateyourself.  And another.

Why have vaginas – which were once worshipped – become taboo? Viv Groskop. so much love.

Diverse Vaginas and the Joy of Submission  – We Read the Gross Book Written by a High School Girls Basketball Coach So You Dont Have ToKatie J.M. Baker. This is pretty disturbing…

Trampire – why the public slut shaming of Kristen Stewart Matters for Young WomenNico  ignore the context. this is a must read.

Sexual Freedom. Hugh Hefner. It might seem strange, or even bold that I would include this here, but boy is it good.


Festival of short and girlies to pique interest in feminism. Megan Backhouse. Awesome feminist festival in melbourne with panels, and filmes, and art at West-space this september!


To the Boys, Her Role Is Simple – TeammateAdam Himmelsbach. When Erin DiMeglio lined up as a quarterback for her High School Football team in Florida, she was the first do so. But her position has asked many questions.

Media and female representations

Myth_Understood – Wonder Woman – Feminist Icon or Exploitative Fantasy? Part 1. betaraysyr.  I didn’t know what to expect from this, but wow. what a read. BE SURE you read part 2 right here =)

Women Cant Gain Influence in Hollywood Because Women Dont Look like Men. Liz. W. Garcia.

Body Image and Celebrity

Fashion magazines now airbrushing models to make them look…fatter? Hollie Mckay. To be fair, airbrushing bigger boobs isnt really big news…



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