Meet Liora K

When I graduated college and moved across the country to Arizona, I identified as a feminist but had no actual idea of how much that self-identity would evolve in my new desert home. As it happened, I moved at a particularly volatile time in human rights issues, and found that almost daily attacks against women (not to mention LGBTQQI people, people of different races, and immigrants), were making my facebook newsfeed. At the time I wasn’t even subscribed to half of the pro-women sources I am now, but the news was still getting through. The more I read, saw, and learned, the more angry, obsessive, and sick about it I became. I joined up with women’s rights groups, most notably Unite Women, donated funds, signed a lot of petitions, and spread the word wherever I could. But I continued to feel powerless.

And that’s when I noticed that there wasn’t a lot of art being made for the movement and that as a photographer I was in an ideal position to start making some.

I wanted to make images that were simple, readable, shareable, and could be held up in protest. I started out with one, then another set, then another. The response online and in person was overwhelmingly positive – there were so many comments, links, shares, messages – the majority of which was unbelievably motivational and touching. I donated the images to Unite Women so that they could use them to inspire people to stand up for their rights, and the rights of their friends and families.

I dont particularly agree that there isnt a lot of feminist art about the movement being made, BUT that doesnt take away from how powerful her photography is. I will be donating to this kickstarter – and hopefully will have the cash to also purchase the book =) She is a long way from her goal, so a dollar or two from readers would be welcome, I am sure!

Photos from Upworthy

Support Lioras Kickstarter here for more great photos!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Liora K

  1. Thank you so much for posting!! When I wrote that it was more about how I was getting the news about everything that was going on, but not seeing the art. I’m sorry – it was badly written 😦

    Thank you again!!!!

    • gosh, don’t you love that?>?? when you look back and think ‘ugh! i see how i could have written that better’. i do it all the time. it frustrates me, so there is definitely no need to be sorry!. And no problem!. I am still blown away by how powerful your work is. I really really really love it!!!

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