This blog aims to continue the discussion in my Honours exegesis regarding third wave feminism, body image and female representations in media. I have an intense interest in the language and content in pop culture, and firmly believe the scape-goating of images is done to allow media outlets to carry on business as usual as we continue to consume tired stereotypes and fluid representations of an ideal beauty. I am interested in interrogating the conversations regarding women that play out on magazine covers, on television, and in movies. I enjoy interrogating cultural definers of beauty and digging below the surface – beyond the usual suspects such as Disney Princesses and Fashion Models.

Please check out the reading list which ONLY contains books I personally have read. It is still a work in progress.

The videos page contains some of my favourite V-blogs and lectures on youtube

And websites and articles includes the BEST articles I have come across, as well as other websites.

I am constantly working on it, and open to suggestions.

I have curated this blog to critically examine media through a third and fourth wave feminist framework.

Misogynistic comments are not welcome on this blog, and well be moderated. I welcome respectful debate.


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