Apologies for the current hiatus again!

I am busily trying to put together my Ph.D proposal, while get ready for an exhibition and finish another course. Plus, I have been getting my etsy off the ground, and fundraising for a button machine so I can start a lovely small business! coupled with being a single mum, there just isn’t enough time in a day let alone a week! I will probably be back with a vengeance sometime in November. Until then, if I find videos or important topics, I will do a quick post! But no wrap-ups. just no time!
I am currently reading Gotcha by Catharine Lumby. I highly recommend it! of course, its taking a while because my art features a lot of embroidery, so i tend to spend a lot of time doing that, or editing on photoshop!

If you are interested, Here is a link to my etsy which currently holds mostly old originals, and will have Prints uploaded shortly of my new work – and more prints of embroidered pieces at the end of november =)

Or, if you want to donate to my button machine, visit here =). Most proceeds from my etsy go towards the button machine, or art supplies!


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