Germaine Greer continues to Advise Prime Minister Gillard on her appearance – everyone else face palms.

Earlier this year I watched rapt with attention as Germaine Greer praised our fine Prime Minister and her work on QandA... until she finished by commenting on her appearance. My enjoyment quickly turned to shock and horror as I wondered what in hell her jackets or her arse had to do with the way she runs her cabinet – and the country!. On Monday the 27th of August, Greer was back on QandA, and was faced with the incredible question from Caroline Z? regarding her comment on PM Gillards appearance. This time I watched as she not only commented on PM Gillards appearance, but also Former QLD Premier Anna Blighs… and my jaw continued to drop, and the questioner shook her head and internally face-palmed.

There is a post currently making its way around the internet in which Hillary Clinton – the US Secretary of State was asked what designers she likes, and she promptly asks if a man would be asked that question, to which the interviewer admits probably not. First Lady Michelle Obama is constantly criticised for her body. This dressing down of women in positions of power by passing judgement on their clothing or bodies is pervasive within our mainstream media and has to stop. It is designed to remind us that despite their work, they are still women and therefore inferior – subject to greater criticism than men. Sure, former PM John Howard s eyebrows were made fun of, and Ruddy was compared to Mr Sheen, But this is not the first time our Prime Ministers clothing and body have come under fire, and Germaine Greer shows just how out of touch she is on some matters by holding female leaders to different standards than males.



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