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I think I am back! I guess it all depends if my medication dosage is changed! Boy, Anti-Depressants guys. Starting on those things is a wild ride, and I definitely recommend making sure you DONT go through it alone as I (mostly) had too (internet friends sharing their experiences was so welcome and comforting!). When they say it is rough, they may be under-exaggerating. And now I have 147 email alerts to read, and many articles I have bookmarked!

SO, what has been happening in the last few weeks? Well, what hasn’t? Pussy Riot had their hearing. Mitt Romney named some dude called Paul Ryan as his deputy, and he has some questionable views about womens rights. Miley Cyrus got a haircut, and apparently we need to have feelings about it. Internet Harassment is continuing to be talked about. GeekGirlCon happened in Seattle – and Jess decided if she is accepted for Ph.D next year and gets her scholarship that a research trip is in order. The Olympics happened, and female athletes dominated, yet the media couldnt HELP but pass comments on their bodies and attractiveness. Brave is finally being released in the UK. Leave it to America, the Michigan Senate approved extreme anti-choice legislation. New York’s topless activist Moira Johnston chatted to the Daily Beast about her work. A spate of Mass Murders has raised questions about the overwhelming Maleness of the offenders. Hello Kitties make-up line left some people with questions on what they were actually selling – products, or harmful stereotypes. A 17 year old girl was threatened with Jail after tweeting about her rape, and the internet told us what they really thought! Chick-Fil-A kept digging themselves a bigger trench.

Laci Green is Back, People.

Noteworthy Blogs/ Sites I have found! (added to websites page)

Got a Girl Crush. Is a blog and magazine I found that I am a little in love with. The blog is a fantastic spotlight on women and creators, and as for the magazine – well, they only make 400 of these babies, and I plan on pre-ordering one.

Class Dismissed. this blog post is incredible.

A Mighty Girl – thanks to Courtney Pedersen for directing me to this great site!

Pussy Riot

Yekaterina Samutsevich Closing Statement at the Pussy Riot Trial. @Olenska. Going out with class. MUST READ.


Female Athletes Endorsement Opportunities Hindered by Sexualisation and Lack of Visibility, Say ResearchersEmma Gray

Photographic Coverage of Olympic Beach Volleyball. Lisa Wade. During the olympics, when teams were only in their bikinis, and not a warmer outfit, my daughter asked why the olympics made the girls wear these skimpy bikinis with their bums poking out as a uniform… I had no answer.

British Olympic female Weightlifter fires back at her twitter bulliesMartin Rogers

Other Articles

Feminism 2.o – How Jessica Valenti is Changing the ConversationAnushay Hossain.

Fourth Wave Feminism – How should a person be?Chiara Ricciardone.

Selling Girl Power Short Rachel Grate.

On Marissa Mayer And Trusting Women To LeadJennifer Siebel newsom and Imran Siddiquee

Being a Feminist in 2012 is a Tricky Business. Meghan Lewis. Is it feminist to wear makeup or not wear makeup? Who does feminism right? ARGH?

Culture-Jamming Sexist Ads. Lisa Wade. This is something I have been wanting to do forever – including FAIL stickers for racist car stickers, and gold stars to cover male nipples on billboards. I really need to get onto that!

Dudes, Relax – The Rise of Women Does Not Mean the Fall of MenLindy West. Be warned… parts of this may hurt your head… but its funny.

Women with new age feminism. Deepti Jakhar. Some Indian Feminism.

Real Men Dont ExistJincey Lumpkin.

The Influence of Parks and RecreationAlyssa Rosenberg. When strong women characters dont have to be based on their gender.

Amy Poehler Talks to Rachel Dratch About Her MemoirAmy Poehler.  Full disclosure,  I love Amy Poehler. And Rachel Dratch. (And, Tina Fey… and all the ladies from this era of SNL). At the end of this I found myself wanting Amy Poehlers Memoir however, and not Dratches!. Amy Poehler does not (yet) have a memoir. She should get on that. Anyway, great interview!!

Girls on film, from Twilight to Brave – Hollywoods new young female leadsRyan Gilbey.

Hello, Julie Delpy. Emily Greenhouse. I had no idea Julie Delpy was so incredible until I read this.

Will Catwoman Be a Breakout Feminist Character?. Melissa Silverstein.

Hollywoods Masculinity Problem. Jennifer Siebel Newsom and Imran Siddiquee. The July 19 Colorado shooting caused some people to question the glorification of male violence and drug use. Its a thought provoking piece.

Hey, Guys – if I Dont Know You, Then Hands Off. Kara Brown.

Rapists Explain Themselves on Reddit, and We Should ListenKatie J.M. Baker. This isnt an apologetic post. Rarely does a post come by about rape that completely stops me in my tracks.

Is Misogyny the New I Love You. Danielle Moodie-Mills. Well, this is just a little disturbing…

Why Do Some Dudes Assume All Their Female Friends Want to Bang ThemHugo Schwyzer. 

Photo Essay – Acid attack survivors fight back. @The Independant. Its important to remember that while we fight against body rights, sexism, and other important things, that women in Asian Countries face horrific torture and abuse daily.

The Upside of UglyJessica Valenti. Is a plastic surgery fund for victims of bullying really sending the right message? and is it a good solution?

The Skinny Little Bitch Project – In Which I start to Lose Weight. Rebecca Jane Stokes. Interesting look at how women seem to bond over weightloss…. though, not its intention.

Are Women Their Own Worst Critics? Vivian Diller.


8 year-old tells us why women are awesome.


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