Meet Barbara Kruger

Installation Photography: Joshua White/

Barbara Kruger – click for video

Chances are you already are rather familiar with Barbara Krugers work. Often Design and text based, Kruger interrogates ideas around money, power and desire.

This work continues Kruger’s engagement with the kindness and brutality of the everyday, the collision of declaration and doubt, the duet of pictures and words, the resonance of direct address, and the unspoken in every conversation.

Images and text from LM Gallery

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2 thoughts on “Meet Barbara Kruger

  1. I think Barbara Kruger was the very first modern artists that I liked— began buying her books when I was about 13. I am still blown away by her style, and find it incredibly powerful. Thanks for posting.

    • Anytime! sorry It has taken me so long to write back and approve the comment. Health! I didnt discover Kruger until University, but I immediately resonated with her, and her book of essays (Remote Control) is one of my favourite things I own.

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