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Did you know that many male Olympians get to fly a better class than the women? Furthermore, for the first time EVER, every country represented in the Olympics is fielding female athletes!. Huffington Post named 14 powerful women over 50 – with an overwhelmingly American List. Trolls and haters jumped on a bad review of the new Batman Flick, continuing the discussion of internet harassment. Catwoman was named a Breakout Feminist Character though. With a review like that, I guess I will have to sit through another long winded Christopher Nolan epic! Mary Sue published some fantastic genderswap and alternative cosplays from this years Comic-con. I am a massive fan of the Avengers Bunnies! Feminine Hygiene company Carefree aired an ad in Australia (and New Zealand apparently!) which calls a Vagina a *gasp* Vagina. typically, there were complaints. Kim Kardashians body love was questioned – being that she represents weight loss products, yet claims to be comfortable in her own skin. Kate Upton is being fat shamed,FFS. got hacked by the little kids over at 4chan, and tried to use so called rape humour.

Featured image – Dead Girls are Skinnier, by Killustrations

Weekly Feministing ReaderMaya.

Mary Sues Things We Saw Today list. Alanna Bennett. Items you need to check out. Comic book womens bodies, Jane Doughs 10 female olympians to watch, and Alyssa Rosenbergs piece.

Caitlin Moran on How to be a Woman, How to Be a FeministJen Doll. Interview with Caitlin Moran following the release of her book, How to Be a Woman  in the USA.

If Women Ran Hollywood…2012Martha Lauzen. Very thought provoking. I know I am not the only person who saw Bridesmaids and screamed MOAR!!! MOAR MOVIES LIKE THIS! More chicks who don’t have their shit together. More mums who are over it and just want a dirty crazy weekend with their mates. More overbearing friends. More women in Bad Relationships. More chicks who love themselves and are hardcore successful. MORE MOVIES WRITTEN BY WOMEN. No more reality shows where women re-enforce negative and tried stereotypes such as ANTM, and the Bachelor, and Farmer wants a wife. Please. No. More.

This Is How It Feels to Be Free. JessicaH. Why feminism based on hatred and judgement will never work. This is a really beautiful, and evocative piece. Must Read.

Vaginas arent dirty, even in MichiganNaomi McAuliffe. I really enjoyed this article on the Michigan Vagina Debacle shared by Week Woman. Definitely check out this blog as well!

When rape jokes arent funnyJulie Burton and Michelle Kinsey Bruns.

We Need to Redefine What We Mean When We Say ManlyDodai Stewart. What is manly? Is it okay to place men in some kind of restricted engendered box? Of course not? Is it ok to shame women for having muscles as too manly? And is it OK to call a strong woman more MANLY than anyone else? of course not. The quote at the end of this sums up what I think of as manly…

Girls as young as 6 want to be sexy, study saysJennifer Abbasi.

Meet the 82 Year Old Lanvin Hired To Model In Its New Ads. Amy Odell. Despite this apparently being a campaign to show real women – whatever a real woman is ( I still don’t know – seems so restricted), it is great to see older women used in ads. Fashion doesn’t become obsolete in ones life after the age of 25!

Female Body Image – Send Us A Picture Of Your Favourite@HuffPo What a great little campaign Huffpo. Dont read the comments.

War on Women? Samantha Steele. In case you were confused – If you are a woman who likes sex with men, then your primary function is to please him – visually and physically – according to Mens Health.

Tavi Gevinson Ssays Reading Seventeen Made Her Feel Bad About Her BodyJenna Sauers.  Tavi hits the nail on the head stating that language in magazines is powerful – exactly what i have spent the last 18 months preaching.

Kate Upton Fires Back Against Body Critics. [VIDEO] Eliza Murphy. Wanna know a secret? my body measurements are quite similar to Kate Uptons – though, i am no where near as toned. I have jiggly bits – which my disordered self hates. Kate Upton makes me feel AMAZING about my body. when i have a bad day, I look at her and think that’s what 33 – 25 – 36 looks like Jess. at 35 – 25.5 – 35, you look amazing. look at you two, being all hot and stuff (I include me in that). SO this just grates me. Kate Upton has my vote. She looks amazing.

Why Do we Pressure Sexy Women to Lose Weight? 8 Beautiful Stars Who Still Get Called Fat. Julianne Escobedo Shepherd. You may be shocked by some of the lovely ladies on this list.

Through the Deades – How Media Influenced Ideal Body Type for Women@Eating Disorders Online.

Shaming the OverweightKasey Edwards. Ms. Edwards opens with “If shaming were an Olympic sport, then Australia would be a gold medal contender”. I wholeheartedly agree. She also examines the negative effects of fat shaming, including its contribution to dysfunctional eating and mental illness.

Music videos make men feel the flab. Dani Cooper. 

Mans battle with eating disorder sheds light, breaks stereotypesJohn Keilman.

Magic Mike Stars blame magazines for body image problems[VIDEO]. @BBC

Graphic – Increased inclusion of female athletes in the olympics.

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