Carefree Shows Some Guts in Advertising!

How Often is the Word Vagina Used on TV? let alone in advertising? LET ALONE FOR FEMININE HYGIENE PRODUCTS??

I am not going to get a debate into the usage of feminine hygiene products here. Wether you use a sponge, a moon cup, a tampon, a pad, a liner, or any combination of the above is really your own business. There is the whole argument that we are meant to hide our period because of yada yada yada, but…for me, its all about whatever makes YOU feel comfortable. So, moving on.

This is me celebrating Carefree using the word Vagina in advertising. Now, I wont lie. when i first saw this ad it was 10 pm at night, and I will be keeping my eye out for it during the day, but the fact is the word is rarely used on Australian TV. And why? 50 % of the population have a Vagina. Clearly, this doesn’t make it dirty or unmentionable.  Carefre also tackles Vaginal Discharge – which is completely normal, though not talked about. Again, why? Apparently, there is an uproar already (here and here), so I will be keeping you posted, but until then…. what other ads have there been? What about the Beaver ad?

For the Ultimate Care down there!

Mousey Mousey? When the Pussy is playing with the Tampons….

What about Ads that just didnt even mention Vagina, let alone its many pseudonyms?

How about comparing tampons to Penises?

Tampons that are fashionable? Check out the broken eggs….

Liners as protection… X men Style…


4 thoughts on “Carefree Shows Some Guts in Advertising!

    • Oh, yes! The Michagan Vagina Debates. I remember when I first heard about it I was just… absolutely incredulous. ANd then, watching the whole thing unfold. I think that’s why I was SO excited at the Carefree ad. I am hoping it doesn’t get banned – though to be fair, its a fantastic way to generate publicity for the brand – being deliberately controversial by simply using appropriate terminology. I enjoyed that article as well – It is one of the better ones I have read.

  1. Yes, so was I. Well, I was more fuming and less surprised sadly. ‘being deliberately controversial by simply using appropriate terminology.’ Yes, this. This is what makes me *so* angry about the whole thing – how can ‘appropriate terminology’ and ‘deliberately controversial’ be in any way reciprocal?? Please keep us updated on whether is gets banned or not!

    • I absolutely WILL! I am watching this whole thing intently. apparently its causing much more controversy in New Zealand as well, so I will keep my eye out for news over there.

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