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Entitlement is the Buzz Word this week. The documentation of the harassment towards Anita Sarkeesian continues, as it should! She wrote a brief statement here. Furthermore, it is furthering the critique of mysogyny in Gamer Culture. The internet also turned on Felicia Day, Steph Guthrie, and Laci Green.  Steph Guthrie was simply calling out that guy that created THAT game (plenty of articles below!). Some guy called Daniel Tosh made rape jokes, and when he was called out on said jokes he THEN made “jokes” about that person being gang raped. Clearly he is a stellar guy. Oh, he did apologise. And some comedians (mostly male) defended him. The Australian media finally got wind of Anne Marie Slaughters article (some of our commentators are a bit behind). Dont get excited – I rolled my eyes. Seventeens Photoshop vow has got all the people talking. I am not really including any articles though, because I tend to share the opinion that its really just a little lip service. But teen vogue is also being petitioned! A feminist cafe has opened in Lebanon to raise womens rights issues! Three members of Pussy Riot are STILL IN PRISON!! Shanghai Metros controversial modest dress suggestions is fostering discussion about womens rights and feminism in China. A Vancouver gym has adopted a membership policy – only catering to plus-sized women.

Featured image – Unknown source. found on tumblr. Please email me so I can add credit!

Want to draw attention to photoshopped ads, magazines, and billboards??? CHECK THIS OUT! with printable stickers….

Feministings Weekly Feminist ReaderMaya.

Read. Look. Think. Hila Schahar

Transcript – Live Chat on the Future of Feminist Activism@ The Nation. The nation hosted a live chat with Jessica Valenti, Ann Holmes, and Aimee Thorne-Thomsen, moderated by Sarah Arnold. Readers of the Nation were invited to submit questions, and this is an edited transcript of the chat (you can also opt to watch a replay of the chat, but I personally found it rather annoying).  Topics covered include current feminist activism, Julia Bluhms petition for Seventeen magazine, Anne Marie Slaughters piece in The Atlantic,  intersectionality, and reproductive rights.

An Invisible Option In The Aftermath of Slaughters Why Women Cant Have It All. Lisa Wade. I love Lisa Wade. there I said it. If you don’t mind the typos this had me saying yes a whole lot. Now, I do have a kid. I constantly get asked when I will have more, but I am a single mother and really not interested in doing the whole incubation, labour, early mornings, what-the-hell-are-you-trying-to-say again. Unless the father is Jensen Ackles. Then, maybe I will consider it. But, he is married and thus unattractive (and I choose not to think about the fact I will never meet him, nor does he know of my existence on this earth. But he should. because I am awesome).

Ms. Turns 40, Always a Mixed Blessing. Ariel Doctoroff.

Caitlin Moran – Congratulations, You’re a Feminist!Sarah Lyall

Kirsten McCrea’s art – Honouring feminists who challenge status quo. Jaela Bernstien. Kirstens art project involves her painting 20 inspirational feminists

Suggestions for Hot Topic Redux can be submitted online here. Recommendations can be male or female individuals who have made an admirable contribution to their broader culture and community. To learn more about Kirsten McCrea, visit her website

Misogynist musing of the month – Hottest Political Women of 2012@About-Face. Unsurprisingly the list is american, created by an american dude who continues to wow us with just how easy it is to reduce smart, successful women to their appearances, whilst merely existing for the male gaze.

The Fight Against Misogyny in Gaming Enlists Some Big Names. Katie J.M. Baker. Some dude named Ryan Perez tweeted some inflammatory misogynistic comments about Felicia Day. The internet responded accordingly.

Daniel Tosh Jokes About Seeing a Heckler Get Gang Raped. Alyssa Rosenberg.

The Context of Daniel Toshs Rape JokeImran Siddiquee. Fantastic article regarding the context of rape jokes and the culture that perpetuates silence and silencing, as well as a sense of entitlement.

Why Daniel Toshs Rape Joke at the Laugh Factory Wasnt FunnyElissa Bassist.

But would it be funny if this girl got gang raped right this moment, like right now right now? That’s not a joke. It’s an invitation. It’s a celebration of a violent crime, which is itself another violation. It’s not a way to cope. It’s a “this is something we can do and then laugh about it, no big deal.” When you reiterate these half-truths (there are girls in the world getting raped by like five guys right now), they authenticate themselves, as if by magic. To promote the insidious—“rape is hilarious”—is to join the crime at its own filthy level.

Anatomy of a successful rape joke. Jessica Valenti.

Those supporting Tosh are outraged that anyone would dare tell a comedian how to be funny. (There’s also been a lot of “if you can’t take the heat” sentiment aimed at this woman, given that she heckled Tosh.) Many of his defenders insist that his joke—and other jokes about rape—are simply edgy and controversial, which is what a comedian is supposed to be.

But here’s the thing: threatening women with rape, making light of rape, and suggesting that women who speak up be raped is not edgy or controversial. It’s the norm. This is what women deal with every day. Maintaining the status quo around violence against women isn’t exactly revolutionary.

Pledging Virginity to Dad – A New Doc Explores the World of Purity Balls. Jessica Valenti. I had the joy of watching the purity myth early this year I think it was, when it was available online for just $2. Purity Balls intrigue me – the idea of promising your father to remain chaste until marriage? And teaching young girls to completely give away their sense of sexual autonomy? In this article, Valenti reviews a new documentary on Purity Balls, Virgin Tales, which follows Randy Wilsons family (Wilson invented purity balls). I will definitely be trying to source it.

Sexual Objectification, Part 2 – The HarmCaroline Heldman. Part two in the Ms. Magazine series.

Sexual Objectification 3 – Daily Rituals to StopCaroline Heldman. 

Feminists – For and Against Lads MagsStephanie Torrance is For, and Kate Pasola is Against.

Seventeen magazine vows not to alter images to celebrate every kind of beautyGreg Botelho. Teen Julia Bluhm from SPARK petitioned Seventeen magazine to change their photoshopping policy, and is celebrating the (weak) response.

Nars and the Real Girls. Rose Woodhouse. FANTASTIC read about photoshopping and Magazines.

Teen Magazine blows its cover in search of impossible perfectionLydia Jade Turner. Turner calls out Dolly Magazine on its commitment to positive body image with its Model Search, and looks at other companies giving Lip Service such as Dove – which is famously owned by Unilever. Which is also why you will never see me giving props to Dove.

Feminist Frequency and Anita Sarkeesian

Man disagrees with woman, makes game about punching her. @Shewasdisarming

The wit and wisdom of the guy who created that beat up Anita Sarkeesian gameDavid Futrelle

Woman Vs. Internet – How Anita Sarkeesian beat the trolls. Dan Pearson. This interview is a must read.

Nerds And Male privilege- Tropes, Trolls, Haters, & Anita SarkeesianDr. Nerdlove. Every now and then an awesome article comes along which concisely de-constructs various aspects of an issue. This is one such article. Often when I read things I get bored and start to skim. Not this time.

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