Meet Andrea Mary Marshall

Desmoiselles Issue. 2011. Gouache and Sharpie on Vogue magazine.

The Polygamy Issue. 2011. Gouache and sharpie on Vogue magazine.

Toxic Women. 2011. Installation view Vague

Toxic Women 2011. Installation View, Vague.


Andrea Mary Marshall uses a variety of materials including vogue magazines to examine the “intersection of identity, female sexuality and consumer culture in the context of the “ideal woman”.”

Toxic Women is a narrative collection of work that looks at the implications of trying to live up to the cultural figment of the “ideal woman”. Through identity play that borders on performance, Marshall reinvents herself as highly developed characters meticulously crafted through the art of fashion, makeup, wigs, and props. For her series of “Vague Covers”, Marshall depicts the “toxic woman” as a dichotomy, born out of a pursuit of the ideal, simultaneously adored and rejected by society. There is the addict, the temptress, the woman with no boundaries, the self-saboteur, the perfectionist and the fame whore—archetypical toxic women Marshall has both encountered and embodied. Beginning with the “Vague Covers”, and carried out through the entire collection, the work explores the space where feelings for this toxic woman turn from infatuation to disgust, from attraction to repulsion.

Toxic Women

Featured image from Toxic Women.

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