Thing you need to know – Online Harassment and Laci Green

You know Laci Green. I recently linked her fat-shaming video in best of the interwebs. She has an incredible you-tube channel where she uploads sex positive videos – among others..

Well, Laci is currently taking a break from the internet? Why? well, years ago she uploaded a video where she used a word (which is often a slur) which could be interpreted as transphobic. She has since removed the video, and apologised – proving how we learn and grow as we age. UNFORTUNATELY, she is receiving hate and death threats!

Laci joins other prominent online women such as Anita Sarkeesian (who*s vitriolic harassment is currently being very well documented – as it should be!) who are subject to terrifying abuse and harassment on a daily basis. In fact, its the abuse these women face that prompts other online female activists to moderate comments and email – which in turn invites the fury of many online men (and women) who are upset that their comments are not published due to their harassing nature. Apparently, they don’t like being silenced as much as they like silencing.

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Featured Image from Laci Greens Tumblr.


One thought on “Thing you need to know – Online Harassment and Laci Green

  1. Disturbing example of the fever pitch that oppression-hunting can reach. There is no workshop that can teach you compassion, but it’s essential to our everyday lives.

    It is vital that we can all call out oppressive language and oppressive opinions, and engage in discourse about them. It is essential that that practice be acceptable and occur as frequently as needed. Otherwise we cannot address intersectionality, and any movement that does not address intersectionality and the macrocosmic functioning of oppression and privilege is probably doomed. It must be grappled with.

    But this is a clear sign that lessons have yet to be learned. This treatment of Laci Green is deeply unacceptable– It hardly needs saying. There is no need to hang this particular affront to Green’s humanity and safety on any particular axis of oppression (Though we can– after all, were Green more powerful– more wealthy– or even male, she might not even be capable of being threatened in this way. No, she is attacked precisely because she is accessible, targetable, and vulnerable.) No, it is enough to see that these threats against Green are cruel and terrible, totally without compassion, and sickening.

    Oppression theory must remain functioning, alive, and open; not a closed ideology which adherents defend with threats of physical violence. Oppression theory, whether manifested though awareness of privilege, calling-out of inappropriate words, the community standards around reclaiming language, etc., is not in any situation a substitute, a replacement, for compassion and basic human decency.

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