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I have made sure since I have been back to ensure I keep providing articles detailing the harassment of Anita Sarkeesian, AKA FeministFrequency, and this BotI is no different. If anything positive has come out of this (apart from the awesome funding she got, and a larger more kick-ass series of vids), its that the online harassment of marginalised groups is really starting to be discussed! MissRepresentations Keep It Real Challenge wrapped up. Brave has fostered  a great deal of conversation about positive female role models for kids. Predictably, there is still fall out from Elizabeth Wurtzels Atlantic essay, as with Anne-Marie Slaughters. With the Olympics just around the corner, commentary regarding body image, athletes, and olympians is going into overdrive. Ever watch Disneys Little Mermaid? Ursula was put on a diet so she could become a doll (or, simply redesigned to become a fashion doll – if you want the rational explanation). I dont really think this deserves to be such a beat up, but… I think the key word was re-imagined social commentators! The Spice Girls reformed. Donatella Versace said feminism was dead. whoops.

Feministing Weekly Reader.

Geek Feminisms Link Spam for Science – Its a Girl Thing! lots to read =)

Islamic Feminism – Method and Strategy. Lanny Octavia.

XX Diplomacy – When Women Lead, the World Improves. Cari E. Guittard

Janet Bagnall – Please don’t blame the feminists. Janet Bagnall. Ms. Bagnall weighs in on Anne-Marie Slaughters infamous essay for the Atlantic, and raises some interesting points.

New Media’s Old Problem. Natalie Kitroeff. Social Media is dominated by women, sooo why is it still the male commentators we are instructed to follow?

Rutgers Alumna, Writer and Feminist, Asks Why Have KidsCarrie Stetler. Mini professional biography of Jessica Valenti!

New-fangled feminist. Self-dignified indeed. The Economist. In June, Shanghai Metro asked WOMEN to please cover up and dress more modestly “following a spate of sexual harassment”.  Well…

Image Based Harassment and Visual MisogynyAnita Sarkeesian.  I wouldn’t usually do this, but if you are easily offended… You may want to step away. I want to say, Sarkeesian is actually the reason I moderate the comments on this blog -long before this happened. I thoroughly support Anita, and thank her for the contributions she has made to feminism.

This is what online harassment looks like. Helen Lewis. 

Interview – Anita Sarkeesian, games, and Tropes vs. WomenStephen Beirne. 

Women and Gaming – Smashing Stereotypes. [AUDIO] The Current CBC

Cosplayer Booted From Game Convention Highlights Hypocrisy of Industry. Alex Cranz. Apparently its OK for for chicks in video games to wear short skirts and bare their midriffs and give their cleavage well deserved oxygen – just as long as they aren’t then represented in Cosplay. Gotta protect the kids, see. Read more about the game Lollipop Chainsaw here.

The Fantasy FeministAmy Rose Davis. Davis examines the Female Warrior Woman as a trope, and also how to write a strong female character who isnt a warrior.

Katniss Everdeen warrior princess – the evolution of fairytale heroines in film. Tom Shone

Brave Is Actually Quite Brave – Pixars Fantastic Feminist Document. Tom Watson.

Girl power – Childrens movies starring strong female characters. Amy Graff.

Sarah Robles, Oscar Pistorius, And The Promise Of The 2012 Olympics. Alyssa Rosenberg.

GIRL POWER – What Happens When Thousands Of Teen Girls Ask Seventeen To Stop Selling Them Out? Kaye Toal. So, apparently seventeen have commited to stop altering girls’ face and bodies in the pages of their magazine. Honestly, I am not convinced and I feel like editor Ann Shoket’s letter was pandering and condescending – right down to the photoshop before and after included.  I hope they prove me wrong.

Sexual Objectification, Part 1 – What is it? Caroline Heldman.

Jenny McCarthy Playboy Backlash Toes Line Between Assertions Of Ageism (Good) And MILF-Shaming (Bad). Anna Breslaw.

Baby Bikini Onesie  From Gordmans Has Parents outraged [Video]. @HuffPo.  I honestly don’t know how I feel about it. Its something I would never put on my child as I feel it contributes to a culture of objectification and asserts an ideal body. While, sure its only on a baby – this is an image which is likely to be seen and thus pass a message onto others. But, I feel like a lot of the commentary misses that point and has side tracked into body policing and slut shaming – how that is even possible when we are talking about baby clothes that parents are 100% responsible for buying, I don’t even know. For the record, I’m not a fan of the aprons and t-shirts and other miscellaneous clothing out there for various age groups either – for exactly the same reason.

Image – Pussy Riot, who have gone on hunger strike.

What Can Happen When We Use the Word Fat? Yashar Ali.

Feminism is Making Americans Fat. Heartiste.  I am only really sharing this because it is hilarious. I laughed SO HARD.  All the trolling awards.

Magazines sell women out in the rush to sell stories of real celebrities. Steve Jackson.  I would be happy to provide Mr Jackson with all my work in Australian Magazines to prove how utterly wrong he is. Actually, the weeklies take great joy in ridiculing our female celebrities for being overweight or underweight. to be fair, he was spot on with Rule #3.

Hilary Duff Made Me A Fan With Her Rant About Baby Weight Body-Shaming. Lindsay Cross.

[VIDEO] Laci Green on Fat Shame!

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