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ELizabeth Wurtzels piece for The Atlantic is still causing many waves! Anne-Marie Slaughter also wrote a polarising piece for The Atlantic regarding the myth that women can have it all, which has in turn created heady debate. The debate about what feminism is is certainly warring on – is it choice, equality, WHAT DOES IT MEAN???? The new Disney/ Pixar film Brave has created a predictable feminist debate. A not-for-profit organisation in the UK called Media Smart has created a pack to help parents educate children on how the media alters images, and to inspire them to be confident in their bodies. The Media is also still commenting on the prevalence or eating disorders and body inage issues in women over the age of 50. Nora Ephron passed away. Are you taking part in MissRepresentations Keep It Real campaign?

Feministings Weekly Reader.

The Jezebel 25 – Kick-Ass and Amazing Women We LoveJezebel! Jezebel have honoured who they see as 25 influential game changing women. Always good to se who is doing what! you need to click on the photos to see who has been honoured… Sadly the list is also overwhelmingly America-centric…

An Introductory Feminist Reading List. Alyssa Rosenberg. This is a pretty decent list, and I have only read about half of it. I would definitely add Naomi Wolfs Beauty Myth, and Jean Kilbournes Cant Buy my Love.

Feminism is an Incomplete Revolution. The European. A great little interview with Laurie Penny. This is a must read.

Anne-Marie Slaughter and the fiction of have-it-all feminism. Victoria Bekiempis.

Fine, Women Cant Have It All. Isnt That Called CompromiseLauren Sandler. Another must read.

Feminist didn’t lie to women about having it all. Rhiannon and Holly.

The ‘feminism’ that Slaughter attacks is a straw woman. Feminism was never really about slotting seamlessly into a male-dominated capitalist system, it was a revolutionary social movement. Germaine Greer once said: “I wanted to liberate women from the vacuum cleaner, not put them on the board of Hoover”. Quite. Slaughter writes about feminism as though it were a product that she bought and consumed, which then failed to live up to her expectations. Now she wants to take it back to the she shop because she didn’t get to spend enough time with her children. We’re not buying it.

Feminism – where exactly is a woman’s place these days? Angela Neustatter and Yvonne Roberts. I really enjoyed this…

The blindspots of western feminists. Nanjala Nyabola.

Guest Post – Is Feminism About Choice? Heather. I really enjoyed this post. Is feminism about choice or about equality, and why did the way a person groom themselves ever enter the equation?

Feminist Friday – Vaginas are way less boring than Adam Carolla – This Week in Your VaginaAli Davis. I think like most people now, after hearing that the Michigan Government got all testy after someone said Vagina, I have come to delight in saying it. I have always been very adamant that my daughter learns that we call our Vaginas Vaginas, and not vajayjays, vajizzles, private parts, or down there… because no-one should be ashamed of their anatomy, and Vaginas arent something to get all tee-hee-hee-dirty over. Plus, I firmly believe that every time I say Vagina a conservative chokes on their tea…. ANYWAY… I got all sidetracked talking about Vaginas. This is a pretty decent wrap-up of the Michigan Vagina Syndrome! Make sure you stick around after for Are Women Funny (you better have answer yes…)… actually, read it all the way to the end. Just do it. =D

Our Lady of Contraception – Sandra Flukes Rocky Parth to Feminist SuperstardomAndrew Goldman. A grand interview with Ms. Sandra Fluke.

My Body, My Decision, French Women sayBuket Tugsel. 

Feminist SF/F on Feminist CharactersRose Lemberg.

TV Tropes Deletes Every Rape Trope – Geek Feminism Wiki Steps in. Aja Romano.

The Funny Sides of Film and Feminism – Things I Wish Id Known ABout Nora EphronMichelle Konstantinovsky. Only a handful of people know I have a secret soft spot for sleepless in seattle.… and by a handful I mean my mum, though I never outwardly told her – I think she guessed by the amount of times she caught me watching it guiltily late at night, or when I thought the house would be emptier for longer than it was. I wish I had known more about Nora Ephron, the creative force behind my number 1 guilty pleasure, and the more I have read about her recently, the more I wish I knew. I have no plans to see her other movies, but Sleepless is one of a handful of chick flicks I love (and not just because of Rosie O*Donnell and David Hyde Pierce…), And now I have admitted it. Oh lord. I will never live this one down… Thanks Michelle for summing up how I feel.

Body confidence pack for parents backed by governmentBBC.

Do Models Need to Look Healthy? Lesley.


Video – Can We Keep It Real? (With Teen Magazines)


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