Best of the Interwebs Part 2!

No long introduction, lets just get into it shall we?  Pixars Brave was finally released (and its quite lovely!). Malificent, starring Angelina Jolie in the title role, has started filming! England’s All Party Parliamentary group published their report on Body Image. Incredibly, Body Image really is front and centre at the moment. Lingerie Football visited Australia, and left before we had a chance to blink. Yawn. Disney banned junk food ads in an effort to curb obesity – though, I personally think its a pretty weak effort… Men have featured in the media discussing their body image problems. The Vatican seems to be having an issue with its Radical Feminist Nuns again. Femen protested the Euro 2012 fearing a potential spike in prostitution. It has also been reported that three members of Femen were allegedly abductedSomeone did some research that found that feminists are actually the biggest advocates of (ugh) attachment parenting (guess where I sit on that?). Ms Magazines 40th anniversary celebrations continue! Three members of Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot are still behind bars, where they have been since early march – What the hell, Russia! Elizabeth Wurtzel wrote an interesting piece for The Atlantic regarding feminism. stay at home mums, and the war on women, and Jezebel weighed in, among others.

Feministings Weekly Reader – June 10.

Check out this Kickstarter Its Complicated – A Feminist Zine on Loving Misogynist Art.

The rebirth of the riot- feminist zines and bands are making a comeback. Frankie Mullin. There are a few inaccuracies in this, but the message is there.

Ms. Magazine, Wonder Woman and 40 years of Change. Marlo Thomas. Fantastic read, and the slideshow of Ms. Covers is incredible!

First Feminist Magazine Turns 40 – Thank You, Ms.!  Cathryn Wellner.

The Soapbox – On Feminism & Judging Other WomenJessica Wakeman.

Class, accessibility, and rebranding feminism. Brenna McCaffrey.

Colbert vs, Radical Feminist Nuns – Social Justice, Gay Agenda Angers Vatican [Video]@HuffPo

On stage, the pleasant purple-state feminism of Amy PoehlerJacob Silverman.

Gloria Steinem in Allentown. Americans arent engaged in war on women but politicians areLynn Olanoff.

Instead of fighting for gender equality, lets forget gender altogether. Caroline Mortimer.

Pussy Riot are scapegoats for Russia’s political crisis. Natalia Antonova.

Free Pussy Riot!. Liliana Silverman.

Woman – The Other Alien in Alien. Tom Shone.

Snow White still a bad apple of feminism. Monica Hesse.

Disney’s Frozen Synopsis Released (Girl-Led Adventure Film Confirmed!). Kellie Foxx-Gonzalez

Culture critic raises huge sums of money and vicious ire of trolls, for a feminist take on games. Angela Watercutter. More on the outcomes of Anita Sarkeesians kickstarter for Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games!

Womenwinning predicts a feminist backlash. Lori Sturdevant.

Jay Smooth decries slut-shaming by association of Michelle Obama [Video]. Muriel Kane

To bundle together feminist and anti-porn views is, at best, a gross oversimplification. The Good Men Project.

Opinion – Pageants dehumanize women. Julie Zeilinger. Dont discount this article based on its title =).

Sexism dovetails with hypocrisy. Nina Funnell, Dannielle Miller. Fantastic article regarding the new Lynx campaign, but focusing on the broader issue that the campaign was funded by Lynx*s parent company Unilever, who also owns Dove…  This is something I feel quite strongly about.

Photoshop Makeovers – How Can You Tell If Beautys Only Pixels DeepAnthony Wing Kosner.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Dieting Linked to More Suicide Attempts. Rick Nauert PHD

Elderly struck by epidemic of body image and eating disorders. Karen Kay

Body anxiety is nothing new. Louise Foxcroft

No Prince Charming Can Conquer Your Body Image Battle. Beauty Defined. I have a lot of love for this! Must Read.

Can Plus-Size Male Models and Nude Photo Shoots Help Mens Body Image?  Hugo Schwyzer. This is a pretty decent read on male body image issues and the tyranny of the six pack.

Men May Have Body Image Problems, But Do Women Still Have It Worse? Hugo Schwyzer. After much discussion regarding his Male Body Image article above, Mr. Schwyzer penned this piece. Must read.

Its Time for male plus size. Bryony Whitehead.

Body Image and Lena Dunhams Girls.

The feminist diet. Ellena Savage.

Daily Fail – Lets Not Pounce on Kelly Clarkson for Losing 30 lbs. Carrie Murphy.

Special K Uses Plus Size Women In Ads, Spreads Mixed Body Image Message. Elizabeth Nolan Brown.

Image – an oldie but a goodie.

Tina Fey on Body Image

Talk to your Kids before Unilever Does. [VIDEO]


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