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After a long hiatus – MUCH longer than I had intended because life has a funny way of making sure you pay attention to it once in a while! – I am back. However, during my hiatus, I didn’t always get to stay on top of things, and a lot has happened including the infamous mentioning of Vagina in some US government, and the subsequent protest and Vagina Monologues… oh, oops… I totally just said Vagina. Anita Sarkeesian started a Kickstarter project (and got it funded!) to fund research into Female tropes in video games, and a bunch of gamer dudes got their y-fronts in a twist over it. There has been a stark focus on movies – and why not with Brave, The Avengers, Snow White, and more.  I have been saving these links  in their own little folder for my return, and I still have many alerts to trawl through. This post will be split due to its volume, and I will set the next one to post next tuesday!

Featured Image – Tracey Emin. To Meet My Past. 2002.

Are Queen Bee Bosses a Thing of the Past? Katie J.M. Baker. Seems Female bosses are more likely to help employees reach their potential.

NYT – Men invented the Internet. Xeni Jardin. Oops?

Olympics struggle with *policing femininity*. Stephanie Findlay.

How the Rise In Caregiving Dads Is Affecting Women. Al Watts. Must Read.

Congratulations on your baby, new mom!, Now quit being so fat. Michelle Konstantinovsky

Hollywood to Black Mothers – Stay Home. Kimberly Seals Allers.

The Invisible Art – A Woman’s Touch Behind the Scenes. John Anderson. Female Film Editors.

Films By and About Women. Melissa Silverstein. List you need to know.

Quote of the Day – I Wanted To Give Girls Something To Look At And Not Feel Inadequate. Melissa Silverstein. Brenda Chapman on the Creation of Merida for upcoming Pixar Flick, Brave.

*The Choice* Premiere recap – Beauty Before Brains. Sharyn Jackson. Oh, America….

Why Miss Ohio’s Identification With Pretty Woman is Unnerving. Alyssa Rosenberg.

The Lash Stand. Will new attitudes and regulatory oversight hit delete on some photo retouching in print ads? Jessica Seigel.

Violence Against Women Disguised as *fashion*. Jenna Sauers.

What Makes You Beautiful? Disturbing Messages in Pop Music. Rachel Grate.

Uncomfortable in our skin – the body-image report. Eva Wiseman. READ READ READ READ READ. IF YOU READ NOTHING ELSE IN THIS LIST, READ THIS!

My Moobs and me – Growing up with gynecomastia. Matt Cornell.

5 Questions – The porn effect on young men. Jessica P. Ogilvie.

Construction Sign Explains Workers Whistling and Cat-Calling – Its *Cause You Look Gooooood. Katie J. M. Baker.

Targeting Slutty Students. Jessica Valenti 

An Open Letter to the Guys Who Told Me They Want to See Lara Croft Get Raped. Alyssa Rosenberg.

Scholastic Gives Boys Survival Tips and Girls Girly Tips. Katie J.M Baker

Roominate Toy Teaches Young Girls to Love Tech, Science. Laura Marie Given.  Kickstarter Funding was reached!

Anita Sarkeesian has rounded up some of her Webstuff here. Make sure you visit

The All-Too Familiar Harassment Against Feminist Frequency, and What The Gaming Community Can Do About It. Becky Chambers.

The Michigan Vagina Syndrome

Vagina, Vagina, Vagina. Jessica Valenti. Must Read.

Silencing of Michigan lawmakers of vagina remarks draw firestorm online. Jason Karas.

Michigan Dems to Recite *Vagina Monologues* Outside Statehouse In Protest. Benjy Sarlin.

Vagina- Say it loud, Lisa Brown. Naomi Wolf.

Jon Stewart Rips Michigan GOP for Vagina Controversy, Banning Women Speakers. Christine Friar.

A little art for your day

Twisted Princesses – A Darker Take on Disney (old, but worth revisiting!)

Photographer Reveals The Less-Than-Perfect Life Of Barbie And Ken.

Image of the Month.

Video – Ill Doctrine – All These Sexist Gamer Dudes Are Some Shook Ones. Jay Smooth.

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