Best of the Interwebs?

I cant lie… I havent kept up with my google alerts, or any other reading much this week as I am completely under the hammer with assignments and artwork due (this is why the next hunger games post remains unfinished)! I will scan and upload some concept sketches next week as my art work is directly fed by the work I do on this blog. So this is mostly what I have read!

FeministFrequency is looking for backers for her Tropes Vs. Women in Video Games series! get on board!

For women in the workplace, its still about looks not deeds. Eve Tahmincioglu. 

Rihannna Does Whatever She Wants With Her Vagina, and for Some Reason Thats a Problem. Lindy West.

The Avengers – Are We Exporting Media Sexism, or Importing it. Soraya Chemaly

The Aristocrats. Emily Nussbaum. Nussbaum examines sexism in Game of Thrones. It was definitely the most interesting thing I read this week.

Hollywoods War on Women. Natalie Wilson. Where are all the female protagonists?


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