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Elisabeth Badinter made headlines in the USA this week upon the release of her parenting book – The Conflict- How Modern Motherhood Undermines the Status of Women. The Vogue Health Initiative has been discussed in depth. Fat Shaming and Shaming in general is beginning to be much more widely discussed, which could only be positive!  Otherwise, it has been a relatively quiet week.

Five Ways Feminism Helps Men. Justin Cascio.

MCAs Feminist Legacy. Jessica Valenti. This tribute piece to The Beastie Boys and their feminism following the sad death of Adam Yauch this week has attracted criticism for not focusing on other Feminist Rappers and such. But, its a tribute piece. Lets just remember that Adam Yauch and the Beasties were incredible as Ms. Valenti outlines their Feminist transition in the 1990s. France repealed a sexual harrasment law in what could be the most dick move of the century… if you ignored what is happening in the USA at the moment, and the language thrown at our female leaders and former leaders here in Australia.

Pioneers of feminism hailed in historical treasure trove. Maggie Barry. Glasgow does it right. Glasgow’s Woman’s Library houses such treasures like knitting patterns, suffragette pamphlets, right to choose badges and more. And it is now being made into a National Institution. Go Scotland!

Who Doesn’t Love Radical Feminist Nuns? (The Vatican it turns out). Lesley. Yep, we are still talking about this. Funny thing is, if you look into the history of nuns and nunneries, there is a huge history of very very early feminism! Nuns used to embed feminist themes into tapestries as early as the 1200s. Nuns earned their feminist cred centuries ago, and have constantly been smacked down for it by the Male Clergy. Business as usual for the catholic church!

Sexy Baby – How Hyper Sexualised Culture is Selling Girls Short. Leanne Westrick. 

Escort Agency offers Virgin For Sale. Ilya Gridneff. that’s not all, in their recruitment ads they use the lure of affordable designer threads as an incentive. Now, I have nothing against prostitution – but MAYBE the recruitment ethics here are a little sketchy…

The Curse of the Perfect Mother. Elisabeth Badinter. A polarising article which  argues that it is wrong to define yourself through motherhood and your children. Here is a reaction piece to her book which furthers the discussion. And here is a book review.

Amanda Seyfrieds Lovelace Poster Leaves Feminism to the Imagination. Graham Fuller.

Fat is a Prejudice issue. Susie Orbach.

Slimming Down Might Not Improve Your Body Image. Alice G. Walton.

So, Vogue is Going to Promote Healthier Body Image? Hm. Raya Ramsey.

Video – Trailer for Sexy Baby


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