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It was a relatively slow week, so there isn’t a lot… Just Quality!. Biggest news this week? Vogue says no to models under the age of 16, and models who appear to have an eating disorder. This is quite the positive move by the magazine which will hopefully ripple throughout the rest of the magazine industry. On the other end of the spectrum however is Seventeen Magazines blatant disregard for the opinions of its readers when it refused to pay attention to a petition which asked the magazine to cut down on the photoshopping. Perhaps they should take a leaf out of Glamour’s book. The Vatican (or, the press) is still up in arms over the censuring of  Nuns supporting US health care reforms (because, you know… they include contraception…).  Mind-blowingly, the motherhood debate is still raging on.  Salon manages to bring some sanity to a ridiculous Motherhood Vs. Feminism debate over at the NY times… And I am still scratching my head over why so many stay at home mothers posit themselves as superior beings, worthy of Idol Status… HuffPo and babycenter (yes! a parenting blog!) weigh in as well.

Unsolicited advice for Mona Eltahawy. Hussein Ibish. Mona Eltahawys article regarding mysogyny in the arab world was incredibly hard hitting, and provocative, though largely stereotypical and broad. Hussein Ibish offers some constructive advice on how Eltahawy could avoid this should this article become the basis for a book – Which Ibish feels it should. This is a grand read, and if you HAVENT read Eltahawys article, read it as well.

Five Overlooked Battles in the War on Women. Jessica Valenti. Sure, this is in an american context, but some of these apply to Australia, and I think its a fantastic jumping off point for us to think about… well, what are we overlooking when it comes to equality, and what are we wasting our time on (leave the Real debates and stay at home parent debates alone people. Theres a hint… they are our biggest red herrings)

Feminist advocacy and social media (or how we achieved critical mass). Echo Zen @Feministe. Feminist advocacy and activism is UNDOUBTABLY making waves  at the moment, and why? Social Media! Traditional Media outlets have let us down, so feminists have taken to social media to advocate for change. And, it is working.

Girls on HBO- Finally a Realistic Show for Women About Sex, STDs, and Body Image. Sifat Azad

The soapbox – On Jessica Simpson, Fat-shaming, and Reclaiming the word Fat. Julie Gerstein. 

On Thin-Shaming. Ragnar. This OPed is from a thin GUY who explains what it is like to be thin-shamed… but because you are thin, you are meant to keep your mouth closed and be thankful while people reduce you to your appearance. Great piece, and its important for us to be mindful of how language also effects men.

Feminist Porn and the Myth of the Wicked Woman. Jincey Lumpkin.

Make-up, and Feminist Guilt, at 13. Hope Perlman. I have a lot of thoughts about this article. Ms. Perlman didnt want to allow her daughter to wear make-up as she was buying into an objectifying culture, and couldnt make an informed decision about wearing make-up. It begs the question – how far is too far when pushing our own beliefs onto our children. Her daughter wanted to assert her maturity and independance – sure, it was by conforming to her friends, but isnt that much of what being a teen is about? navigating those waters? figuring out how far is too far? participating, and then reading into the coding? I dont want to pass judgement on Ms. Perlmans actions, but I think it does open a rather interesting discussion. (For the record? My 9 year old does not have kiddie make-up, and I have never allowed her to keep the kits she got as gifts. she does have lipglosses and such, and often asserts her independence by wearing gloss as eyeshadow. I think I have a budding make-up artist!)

Am I not a feminist at all?  Nicky Clark. Nicky asks what the hell being hairless has to do with feminism, and why her beliefs need to dictate her grooming. Hear Hear!

**Hunger games post is being polished and should be up next week.  

***A video is currently under production as well.



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