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Bit late as I have been busy busy editing a video for one of my classes! One thing that has been making some hardcore news is the Vatican s criticism of nuns for supporting healthcare reform in the USA citing radical feminist themes. Sadly, Pussy Riot are still not free. Legos Friends range for little girls is making headlines again. And, the Telegraph alleges that Russian Model Natalia Vodianova states its better to be skinny than fat.

Something that has gotten a lot more press than it should have is the debate which is being beaten for ALL IT IS WORTH over motherhood and stay at home mums. I am not linking anything – google it. It is just… It is doing my head in. Posting about it on facebook is enough to start any war where not one person (other than myself) seems to be able to come down on the side of WHO CARES?!?! Stay at home and raise your kids. Go to work and raise your kids. Do whatever makes you happy. Neither choice makes you better or worse than someone else. You aren’t special because of your choice. Get on with it and stop wasting breath on this argument when more important things require your attention. It is feminisms best red herring.

Feministings Weekly Reader. Maya.

A Teen Feminist Gives New Meaning To A Little Fd Up. Denise Restauri. Interview with the founder of F-Bomb =)

Feminisms Zombie Stats-63% of Young Women would rather be Glamour Models. Sarah Ditum. This is fantastic. I often get really crabby with Zombie facts. My favourite is  that today models weigh 23% less than the average woman – A stat that was reported in Naomi Wolfs Beauty Myth  in the early 90s and is still going strong. In fact, it was coupled with (and still is) 20 years ago models weighed 8% less than the average woman… It is incredibly dated and still being cited… zombie stats never die.

Maintaining the Riot Grrrl movement. Sarah Nielsen. The Riot Grrrl movement in the 90s was a core facet of third wave feminism.

Lego seems committed to change. according to concerned creators of Anti-Lego friends petition. Susana Polo. Be sure to also click on Sparks wrap-up of the meeting =)

Why Do They Hate Us? The real war on women in the Middle East. Mona Eltahawy. Must Read.

Vatican censures feminist  nuns for supporting US healthcare reform. Michael Day.

HBOs Girls – Please dont quit your moaning. Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett. She almost makes some good points… It is a hit and miss piece, but the points are there.

What Does Cannes Have Against Women Directors? Thelma Adams.

Joss Whedon Talks Feminism & A New Dark Knight Rises Trailer Premieres Before the Avengers. Jill Pantozzi

Can Porn Be Feminist? Maura Kelly

Critics Worry that Feminist Porn Isn’t Really Feminist. Doug Barry.

Should Celebrity Body Struggles Make Us Feel Better About Ourselves. Emily Shire. Ahhhh, the million dollar question. Shire raises some incredibly important points. If slim women are considered hippy what are average women? (australian 12-16). Are women with bodies considered fine by societies standards really that brave posing naked? Are these images just going to exacerbate women’s insecurities further? Do women who are deemed acceptable by society really make us feel better by re-assuring us they too have fat days? I am not going to weigh in here, but they really are important questions we should be asking. It doesn’t mean we going on a body policing rampage and start bashing celebrities for their apparent candour, but we should question it if only to draw attention to how – as shire puts it – out of touch people are.

Feminista. Beyonce – feminist or fauxminist. Bianca Pencz. I have a lot of love for this – but most of that love is for the last line, and the video that follows it. Beautiful. For more on Beyonce, see NineteenPercents video.

Healthy MEdia- Commision for Positive Images of Women and Girls Releases “Elements of Healthy Media” Today! @Girl Scouts (USA). This Commision was co-chaired by Geena Davis and had Jean Kilbourne on the board. I haven’t read the report yet as I am swamped, but will shortly. This is good news though!

Top Girl, The Game Where Makeovers Are Mandatory and Being Hot Is Everything. Mara Wilson. Why am I wasting time giving you an article which breaks down an iPhone App game similar to those you find on facebook and such? Why, because young girls are playing it and it sends out the message that all that matters in life is being hot, clubbing, finding puppy dog boyfriends, and having people buy you things. Setting up a pretty awful precedent for the future.  I recommend reading this. It was quite interesting!

Graphic –  This has been one of my favourite artworks for a long time, and it is incredibly relevant still. More about Kruger.

Barbara Kruger. Your Body is a Battleground

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