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Yes! I am back, with a fresh new outlook on life and more positivity.  No, I didn’t join a cult, just had a few epiphanies! So this is more like a best of the internet for the last couple of weeks. I haven’t read with my usual vigour – I have spent a lot of time rediscovering Marlboro, drinking cider and playing guitar hero. However ,I did bookmark everything I loved which I will bring to you tonight! I still have 80 (YES! 80!) email alerts to pour through however.

There is a lot to talk about. The Hunger Games have been getting so much press, it really is worth reading the books and seeing the movie if you haven’t already. I will be writing a piece straight after this and queuing it up for next week. Rick Santorum pulled out of the US Republican Candidate race (which is nothing but good news… but leaves America with another couple of turkeys still…). There is a plethora of products on the market for beauty maintenance, as we all know – but did you also know you can buy stuff to make your Vagina whiter? ORRRRR Pinker???  THEN there was the story about Dara-Lynn Weiss who got a book deal after fat-shaming her daughter in Vogue – Dont even get me started. There is also a lot which shows that we are our own worst enemy when it comes to body image.  Maybe nothing, however, has been talked about as much as Ashley Judds Op Ed in The Daily Beast, and the reactions to it. There is so much in the way of fantastic discussion in the media at the moment! Now, I wont add too much commentary. There isnt much reason for me too. So, shall we catch up on some fantastic discussions???

9 Things That Supposedly Disqualify You From Being A FeministRuth Graham. This is still a thing? Really? We are still telling each other how to be real feminists?? I am going to show my aussie for a second and tell those feminists to pull that stick out of their arse. Is it lonely up on that high horse? How is the altitude? OK. Back to earth… Dont worry, this slideshow is just reporting what is SUPPOSED to disqualify you.

Being Feminine Doesn’t Make Me Weak. Julia Gasdag. I really really have so much love for this. I often get crap for being a feminist who loves her Chanel Red Lipstick, and Pretty dresses more than life itself. Apparently this makes me less feminist – which you and I both know is a pile of shit. Definite must read, and Thanks to Julia for writing this.

10 Famous Feminist Artworks. Alison Nastasi. Including Judy Chicagos Dinner Party. Sadly, it is very American… But these are still works worth knowing. They certainly helped shape my understanding of  how visual mediums can be applied to raise awareness to Gender Issues.

There Is A Different Way – Lessons From Abroad. Johanna Mollerstrom. Ms. Mollerstrom , originally from Sweden was surprised by the lack of gender equality in the US than in other parts of the world.

Beasts of Burden. We Really Havent Come Very Far, Baby. Germaine Greer. Ms Greer – in case you didnt know – does an incredible amount of work to bring awareness to the conditions of women living in African, Asian and Middle Eastern Countries. In this article she hits point after point with incredible conciseness, concluding with a word on the Australian Prime Minister and ensuring that her last points hit like an Atomic Bomb.

The Slacker is back – and this time shes female. Hermione Hoby.  Slackers are often portrayed in culture as male, and has always been glorified as a male preserve. However, we are now seeing the female slacker. I like to think that I am one as well… but my classmates would probably disagree…

Why You Should Get Excited About Next Big-Screen Superheroine – Sabrina The Teenage Witch. Alyssa Rosenberg.  I didnt expect much from this little article, but it packs quite a punch, making some fantastic points, including  that female heroines on film tend to have male mentors. Worth a read.

Maleficent, Snow White and the Huntsmen, and Fairy Tale Villainesses as the New  Anti-Heroes. Alyssa Rosenberg. For the record? Maleficent is my FAVOURITE Disney character, and news that Ms. Angelina Jolie will play her excites me beyond words… but lets move on shall we? I really enjoyed this article =D

Lessons We Learned From Mad Men. Barbara and Shannon Kelley. 

The Gender-Neutral Games. Tarina Quraishi. A fantastic read. This is all I will include on the Hunger Games in this post.

Hollywoods Lady All-Stars. Anna Clark. 2012 is apparently the 40th anniversary of the US Bill Title 9. read more here about that, and how women athletes are portrayed in movies (when they are…)

The Bared Female Midriff in AdvertisingLeanne Westrick. How does advertising portray women? As small, white or exotic, young, empowered, and hetero. Is that reality??? Of course not.

5 Guidelines that Can Prevent sexist Reporting on Women in Politics. Sarah Seltzer. I have linked this from page 2, but it is worth reading the whole thing… however it can be read from part way through. It never ceases to amaze me the way that the media handles talking about female politicians. Here in Australia, where we have a female PM, and until recently my state had a female Premier, the conversations regarding our leaders seem to focus more on ettiquette, their choice of clothing, and buttocks size, rather than actual policy. I would LOVE to see these guidelines actually implemented. My favourite is number 3.

3) Beware of slightly gendered and slanted language like ‘darling’, ‘glamorous’ or even ‘opinionated.’ After all, would you ever call a male politician “opinionated,” or would you simply assume that he is? And think calling Sarah Palin or Nancy Pelosi the “darling” of an ideological group isn’t problematic? Would you say the same for Rick Santorum or Bernie Sanders or would you call them figureheads, or popular icons instead? I myself have been guilty of falling into the “darling” trap. Then there are worse sins like calling someone an ice queen, a mean girl, or using the term “catfight. There are word order choices introducing her as “so and so’s wife” instead of saying “her husband is so and so.” Even the most subtle shadings of language can be gendered, and lots of that shading can add up to make things considerably more difficult for women on the political scene.

Meghan McCain Body-Shaming Bridges the Political Gap. @About-Face What happens when a prominent female campaigns for Skin Cancer Awareness naked from the shoulders up? Why, everyone criticises her BODY, of course!!! (silly me!)

Germaine Greer and Body Shaming. @newswithnipples.  Germaine Greer is an incredible woman. There is no denying this. On a recent Q&A, she spoke so eloquently about our Prime Minister, I was close to jumping up and screaming halelujah! (instead I just nodded and said Yes a lot. But then… she went for the body shaming. Really Germaine? Read this article to see footage and more commentary. I was so glad to have found this!!! Read another here by Robyne Young

Public Survey Conducted by The Center for Eating Disorders at Sheppard Pratt Reveals that Facebook Drains Body Image and Self-Esteem. @ MarketWatch. All those comments, the photo censoring, the body monitoring, the comparisons… Yep… it all effects you.

What Fat Talk Does To Your Mental Health. Deborah Dunham. Surprisingly, it is not positive. Self Deprecating humour is not amusing – it is damaging. Stop putting yourself down and watch your self image rise.

Would You Work Out in A Sports Bra in Public? Jenny Gaither. Ms Gaither went out to Union Square in my hearts home town New York (I left a large piece of my soul in NY) and asked women if they would participate in a fitness class in broad daylight in a Sports Bra – and what she found was that not only do most women hate their own bodies, but they are conscious of being judged because THEY judge, and they cant help but compare themselves to one another. For the record? when I first read this I though No Way In Hell. Now? I think I would set it as a challenge to myself.

Your Vagina Isnt Just Too Big, Too Floppy, and Too Hairy – Its Also Too Brown. Lindy West. I still dont really have words for this…

10 of the most ridiculous products targeted to women. Nicky @ Mamamia. JUST in case you didnt want to bleach your Vagina, you COULD make it pinker… and 9 other products including the Booty Popper, and Chick Beer. *facepalm*

The Biggest Threat of Dara-Lynn Weiss and Vogues 7-Year-Old on a Diet. Isabel Wilkinson. So, Vogue ran a story about a Manhattan mother who forced her daughter onto a diet – not after the doctor told her the child was obese, but after a boy at school called her fat – shaming and publicly humiliating her, forcing her to eat certain foods and then rewarding her with a shopping spree and a Vogue photo shoot. Someone give her all the awards for Mother Of The Year. This article is actually quite disturbing to read – clearly we have a mother who has managed to pass her own body image problems to her child. Not to mention the messages it sends. When the Doctor raised concerns for the childs health, that should have been Dara-Lynns jumping off point to find an appropriate solution for her daughters health. However, she waited until a boy called her daughter fat, sending the ultimate message that we must care about what men think of us, and it is important to not be fat in their eyes. Not really the most eloquent wording – but forgive me. Furthermore, the child is taught to fear certain foods – That is a great message to send right there! There was no agency – her mother decided when she was full. The conclusion of this article however sums up what is quite possibly the worst consequence of all of this – but I shall let you read that.

Dara-Lynn Weiss Got A Deal for Fat-Shaming her Daughter in Vogue. Briana Rognlin

Beauty regime change – The Lost art of Not looking Good. Charlotte Raven.

Ashley Judd

Here is her Op Ed for The Daily Beast. I will be honest… It gets a little rambling at times, but dont let that distract you from each point that she eloquently makes.

Here is an article on Jezebel which includes 2 Videos which I HIGHLY recommend you watch.


Mad Men – Set Me Free. Remix Video.

From Anita Sarkeesians post on the video

Political Remix Video’s Elisa Kreisinger teamed up with Marc Faletti to create a music based remix starring the women of the highly acclaimed TV series Mad Men.  Kreisinger and Faletti took the 1966 Motown hit, “You Keep Me Hanging On” and overlaid it with short clips of Peggy, Joan, Betty and other female characters from the show so they could along with the Supremes.

The remixers have replaced the musical versus with a collection of scenes throughout Mad Men’s first four seasons to illustrate the struggles women face on the show and the small ways they try to resist their subordination within this male dominated world.  Visually, the remix moves and flows along with the music, in and out of multiple splitscreens illustrating women in various work, personal and domestic scenarios. Kreisinger said of the choice to use splitscreens:

“By framing the female characters from Mad Men in a series of boxes, we wanted to illustrate how the show, and by extension, society, isolates and marginalizes womens’ voices within pop culture narratives.”

Mad Men is a show about wealthy, white, straight men set in the 1960s world of advertising.  Women’s roles on the show have become increasingly more relevant to the main story arc but ultimately Mad Men still revolves around its male anti-heroes.  Set Me Free rewrites the male focused Mad Men universe and brings the stories and struggles of women to the forefront.


Please Contact me if you know who owns this for credit!


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