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Yep, this will be quick too! I have assessment coming out of my ears, and a Busy weekend ahead.  So here is the best of this week!  It was a week LOADED with big names. The Hunger Games are at frenzied levels. The FREAKING birth control debate CONTINUES in the USA making people wonder why on earth this is still a political issue. Members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot are still in Jail. Femen protests again in the Ukraine. Israel bans Skinny Models. Germaine Greer also made mention of PM Gillards bottom on QANDA, which got more press than the good 5 minutes she spent praising our good PM. But mostly, there were a lot of debates on the future of feminism. Maybe because Womans History Month is wrapping up in the US? On to the articles!!

The Womens Movement – Whats Next? Tabby Biddle. Short Answer? Fourth Wave Feminism. Long answer? read the article =)

On Womens Rights- Yeah Yeah, Blah Blah, Whatever. @the current conscience. This is a great article from a guy about why feminism is important, and recognising that women are NOT over-reacting, but rather have real experiences that need to be heard and understood in order to help effect change.

Divide and Rule feminists. Zoe Williams. Caution. much nodding ahead.

Its Time to give Miss a big miss. Suzy Freeman-Greene. Ms. Freeman-Greene looks at the myriad of prefixes available to women, and why Ms. isnt a dirty word.

Feminists and the War on Women. It isnt Just about Contraception. Eric Golub. Mr Golub draws attention to Serious Women’s issues outside of America – predominately in the Middle East, and claims they are being ignored by American Feminists. Now, while WE in the blogosphere know that this isn’t necessarily true, it IS true of those in the mainstream, and he was right to draw attention to it. Its not a flawless article though. In fact, he gets a great many things wrong (seriously Mr. Golub, did you bother researching at all), and he does come across as sexist and feminist hating… doesnt mean he doesnt have a point. Serious things are happening to women outside of the USA, and it is largely ignored by American Mainstream Media.

OP-Ed. In Armenian Nation, Men must take on Gender Equality. @ianyan mag.

Rebecca Chiao- Shaming Street Harassers with Social Media and Community Outreach.  Alison Searle. Ms. Chiao discovered that street harrasment was endemic in Egypt upon moving to cairo, and has developed this incredibly interesting program to pinpoint harrassment hotspots.

Morocco feminist says change must come after teen girls suicide. Emily Alpert. A teen girl committed suicide after allegedly being forced to marry her rapists, causing Moroccan Feminists to protest, and demand the end to a law that  allows some rapists to dodge punishment if they marry their victims.

Georgia Rep Wants to Force Women to Carry Stillborn Fetuses… Like Cows Do. Deborah Dunham. Warning. Reading this will make you angry. Like that part where Terry England basically calls women livestock….

The Body Politic – This Campaign needs more women and less gynaecology. Virginia Heffernan. I dont agree with everything she says, but its an interesting article.

Can Obama Win the Support of Women Voters. Inside Story US 2012. [VIDEO]. set the 25mins aside and watch this video. The Intro is transcripted under the Video, so you can read it first. Ohio State Senator Nina Turner is interviewed on her bill which proposes to regulate mens reproductive health, and regulate erectile dysfunction medication, and also talks about the current treatment of women – especially in legislature. Others are interviewed on reproductive rights. This is definitely a must watch video.

Dowd, Hillary, and The Feminist Champion. Ben Zweifach. *applauds* this is an incredible article – as a commentor stated Ben Zweifach is a talented writer and observer of those in power. His astute wrangling of Maureen Dowd from behind her legend and into the light is clairvoyant: he picks out themes in her historical treatment of Hillary Clinton you and I likely missed. Poor Ms. Clinton could hardly do anything right as a First Lady, or candidate for president, but now Dowd’s apprehensions about Hillary are salved. The reporter’s nemesis is fading into the sunset (richly deserved, Mrs. Secretary) and the she’s suddenly bereft of her favorite target. Draft her for 2016!  Zweifach looks also discusses the current importance of Feminism.

Russia refuses to Free Feminist Punk Band Pussy Riot from Jail.  Stephanie Ortiz.

Topless Women protest Against Rampant Sex Trade and Violence against Women in Ukraine. Olivia Katrandjian. Femen strikes again!.. Ukrainian Femen activists scaled the front of the General Prosecutor’s Office of Ukraine this week, carrying signs saying “Death to Rapists” and “The Country Wants Vengeance,” protesting the handling of the case of a young woman who was raped, dumped in a ditch and set on fire. I love these ladies!

Over 900 Pakistani Women killed for Honour. Honour Killings and domestic abuse run rampant in Pakistan.

Sarah Burton. Sarah Jessica Parker. SJP interviews Sarah Burton, the creative director/ Designer for Alexander McQueen.  There is an interesting discussion on femininity and designing for what McQueen women want which is why I have included it.

Dutch Model deemed Too Fat Gets Her day in Court and Poses to Prove Her Point. Nadette de Visser. It seems a Dutch Next top model winner was told by the agency she was too fat (wait till you read by HOW MUCH). I hope she wins.

Facebook- The Encyclopedia of Beauty? Amanda Enayati. Before social media, women only had magazines, TV, and billboards to compare to. with the advent of facebook however, women have found themselves locked in a world of status, and comparison, as well as constant critique from peers and strangers alike – developing insecurities fueled by social networking sites.

She also found that the feelings of insecurity were oddly contagious, even spreading among groups of friends who normally had a healthy body image.

“Social networking sites are part of the ubiquitous media landscape that shapes what children come to know as society’s body ideal,” observed Dina Borzekowski, professor at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, who specializes in children, media and health. “Social media may have a stronger impact on children’s body images than traditional media. Messages and images are more targeted; if the message comes from a ‘friend,’ it is perceived as more credible and meaningful.”

The Saturday Interview – Rosario Dawson. Kira Cochrane. I have a lot of respect for Ms. Dawson, and after reading this It went through the ceiling. She is an INCREDIBLE woman.

Hunger for the Classic Women Heroes. Vicky Roach. An interesting look at The Hunger Games. Roach questions the lack of female heroes in modern cinema, and uses THG to show that women can indeed carry an action flick. Anita Sarkeesian @feministfrequency tweeted today she was making a video about the games which is highly exciting!

Why Katniss is a Feminist Character (And its not because she wields a Bow and beats boys up). Rachel Stark. Its an interesting interpretation of the character… But I dont necessarily think it means she is a feminist character at all. What do you think?

Pregnancy, Body Image,  and the Age of Bump Watch. @adiosbarbie. ahhhh, feel fat during pregnancy? too scared to mention that? well, Pia talks about it, but also makes mention of bump watch in tabloid magazines and the sorts of articles that are run about pregnant celebrities – which regular readers will know is something I am passionate about following. The comments are worth reading in this as well.

Skinny Venus and Attitudes to Body Image. Emily ChanAnna Utopia Giordano’s photoshopped Renaissance nudes that have been floating around recently have, quite rightly, received praise for illustrating the power of digital distortion in our magazines today. However, the response from the media has, for me, also raised concerns about the way we discuss female body image.

Beauty becomes a curse as more teen girls reject the skin they’re in. Lisa Power. The findings from Girlfriend Magazines reader survey in, and they show that most Aussie teen girls would describe themselves as self conscious. and it gets worse. Props to Girlfriend who dont run diet stories and often uses readers as models. They consistently have quite positive covers as well.

To Cut Eating Disorders, Israel bans skinny models from advertisments. @ The Times of India.

Are Thin Women the Enemy? Kate Dailey From super-skinny celebrities to models with low BMI, people are speaking out about women they perceive to be too thin. But some experts worry this behaviour makes things worse.

The Manly Origins of Cheerleading. Lisa Wade. Did you know that Cheerleading was NOT ONLY a male sport, but considered to be on par with being equivalent in masculinity and prestige to football. I didnt, and this is incredibly interesting – including how perceptions of cheerleading changed as it became a female activity (note that I dropped the word sport…)

Wearing Heels Does Not Make You a Bad Feminist. Jenna Sauers. Someone had to say it.

Image – What do you think about this?

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