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Another quick one devoid of commentary this week Guys. I promise this wont be a regular occurrence! Rush Limbaugh and Slut Shaming are STILL the topics du jour, over shadowing contraception … though there was a little about sexualisation of girls… it all links back, doesn’t it? Also, Russian Group Pussy Riot were arrested for a protest at a church over Putins continued rule. Doonesbury comic strips political satire regarding abortion has quite  a few waistbands in a twist. Germaine Greer was Glitter-bombed in New Zealand for her continued Anti-Trans stance. And, Naomi Wolf drew controversy and well deserved snark for this her piece in the Guardian.

Feministings Weekly Reader

How we can connect with feminisms global future. Naomi Wolf.

Taslima Nasreen @Hindustantimes. An incredible Piece about Eastern Feminism. Must read.

Feminism101@Naked DC. just a short blog post that draws attention to the ways in which female politicians are talked about by The Media.

Ramblings of a Professional Feminist. Josephine Tsui. I definitely recommend reading this short post on how sexism  is an institutional system.

Feminism – Still  excluding Working Class Women? Pavan Amara. Amara questions if contemporary feminists have perhaps misdirected their attention when the length of a popstars skirt and womens clothing choices are questioned over childcare availability and lack of employment opportunities for young mothers. I can sympathise with this to a certain extent…

Annie Lennox Discusses Feminism & HIV. David Peschek. An interview with Annie Lennox is always worth reading.

Elizabeth Hasselbeck criticises Gloria Steinem, Jane Fonda, and Robin Morgan Over Rush Limbaugh Op-Ed @ Huffpost Media. I hate to see it, but I completely agree with Ms. Hasselbeck AND Joy Behar, on both sides of the argument. See for yourself =)

A Slut Manifesto. Soraya Chemaly. Rush Limbaugh really opened a floodgate when he called Sandra Fluke a slut. In this HuffPo piece, Soraya Chemaly examines the power behind the word slut.

Call for an Enquiry into Child Sexualisation. Natasha Boddy. In Western Australia a Liberal Party backbencher has called for an enquiry into the sexualisation of young girls, citing Billboard advertising as a new area of concern.

Sex, Lies, and Media. New Wave of activists challenge notions of beauty. Emanuella Grinberg. Grinberg uses MissRepresentation as a starting point to discuss what is going on with female representations in Media, and how it could be effecting women.

This is not Pretty. Seema. An interesting Read on MissRepresentation.

Calls for a Ban on Plastic Surgery Ads. Hannah Thomas. More here.

SXSW 2012. Wonder Women! Pushes Hollywood to bring Wonder Woman to the big screen. Christopher Rosen.

Fat Bashing. An acceptable Prejudice? Kristen Houghton. Why is it OK to laugh at Fat Jokes?

Egyptian Virginity Tests, Americas Shaming Wand, and Trudeaus Satire. Victoria Pynchon

Cartoon – read more here.

A single panel from an abortion-related 'Doonesbury' comic strip, by Garry Trudeau. Photo: Reuters



Are you a slut Infographic.


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