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Firstly, apologies for the lateness, and low variety of posts at the moment! life is hectic, my daughter has chicken pox, and it seems everyone wants a piece of me at the moment, so i am stretched quite thin… which is funny since I actually am dropping weight like no-ones business at the moment! I would love to say I am on top of everything, but that would be a lie. So this will be a smallish post and devoid of much commentary. =)

This week saw International Women’s Day – which was overshadowed by Kony, more on birth control, It is Women’s History Month in the USA at the moment,  and Rush Limbaugh found out what people really think.

Feminists strive to remove barrier. Annalisa Castaldo. A fantastic article on feminism. recommended reading.

Is Feminism Outdated?. Eva Sajoo. Ms. Sajoo questions if we live in a post-feminist era when Females are increasingly sexualised and objectified.

The New Networked Feminism – Limbaughs Spectacular Social Media Defeat. Tom Watson.  Feminists gathered online to tell Rush Limbaugh what they really thought over his ridiculously sexist, hurtful, and virulent comments regarding Sandra Fluke.

Gloria Steinem speaks out in East Bay about War on Women, Rush Limbaugh. Angela Hill. Any interview with Gloria Steinem is worth reading. The woman is… amazing.

Annie Lennox – The world has become more sexualised. Jane Martinson.

Great Debates (HuffPo UK). Can Stripping Be a Feminist Act. Pro Position. Con Position.

Debate on Contraceptives proves feminist movement still needed. Jacqueline Smith.

Georgias Fat Shaming Child Obesity Billboards Coming Down. Annie Urban. After much campaigning, the horrible Strong 4 Life Campaigns billboards are being removed. A win!

Jolies Oscar turn feeds debate on body image – Criticism of actresses skinny appearance perpetuates myth that size signals health – experts warn. Misty Harris. Watching the debate on Ms. Jolies figure has been sickening to say the least, and this is another fantastic article on why calls for her to eat a cheeseburger, or thin comments are just not acceptable.


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