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The interwebs are still firmly focused on Eating Disorder Awareness, Body Image, Rick Santorum, Personhood, and the Right to Birth Control this week. But, also of interest has been the Oscars (and boy has Anita Sarkeesians video been a talking point!), and Disneys Anti-Obesity campaign, which takes shape by way of a now temporarily closed attraction at Epcot, Disneyworld (Florida). Its been a win really this week in acknowledging that women have a voice… but there is a long way to go before a victory.

Lets get started shall we?

This is my pick for article of the weekIts a Wonderful Life – or What if Second Wave Feminism Had Never Been Born. Pamela Haag. Its rare that I cry when i read something. At first I was sceptical of where this post was heading. It seemed a bit preachy, but I stuck with it out of curiosity. then, inexplicably toward the end, I started crying. and crying and crying. so I shared the post, and other people admitted to a similar reaction. No-one could quite pinpoint why it affected them, but boy did it. Read as angel Gloria Steinem guides Second Wave through its life.

Seeing the Invisible – Feminism and Atheism Intersect. Amanda. Stick with this article… its really quite good.  Spurred by the photo of a bunch of religious men debating Birth Control rights (Makes total sense), Amanda questions why atheists dismiss feminism, and explains why feminism is so important. It is a little convoluted, but the message is there, and its a good one.

Ms, Miss, and Mademoiselle… why titles for women matter. Lauren Rosewarne.  This article offers a very interesting perspective on Frances scrapping of Mademoiselle from all official documents. I really enjoy this quote.

At the heart of liberal feminism is individual autonomy. The choice whether to marry, whether to do femininity, whether to have children, whether to use a title that quite possibly fetishises availability.

Q&A with crusading Feminist Gloria Steinem ahead of her planned parenthood talk in West Palm Beach. Barbara Marshall. Ms. Steinem talks about the current political climate and birth control, and shows why she is such a badass. I have a lot of respect for this lady.

Oklahoma Personhood Bill ignites Feminist Movement. Laura Bassett. No-one is really comfortable I think with the idea that men make decisions on our uteruses, or claim that a fertilised egg is a human being… and certainly not these ladies. Kudos to the senator that grabbed a sign so she could have a photo taken with it (which, sadly has taken some shine off the actual protest). Go ladies!!!

Rick Santorums Gender Gap-Losing the Ladies. Red State Gal. Why Romney is winning the vote, and How Santorum proves just how out of touch he really is.

The Lovable ladies of Community on Slut-Shaming, Stereotypes, and women in the drivers seat. Madeleine Davies. I love Community. I love the characters in the show. all of them. and this is a grand article on the ladies. Its great to see a show taht embraces women writers for womens perspectives as well. here is a snippet.

Jacobs: I remember when I first graduated from college and was still auditioning for high-school parts. I was horrified at the way high-school girls were portrayed as these sexual manipulators who were like constantly seducing everyone.

Ganz: The male perspective.

Jacobs: It was really disturbing to me, because I was innocent and not engaging in any of that kind of behavior in high school. But even the girl that was the most confident, prettiest girl in my high school was not like some Lolita like a bat out of hell.

Feminism, Multiple Dating and Scheduled Sex. Samantha Brett. This is possibly one of the more intriguing articles I have read this week. Ms. Brett uses current Movie This Means War to examing shifting roles in womens relationships with men, and what this means. The article at times is sexist, and Ms. Brett seems to hold many arguably outdated beliefs, but I think that these raise some really interesting discussion points.

The Oscars Woman Problem. Michael Barthel. Mr. Barthel examines the lack of womens voices in Hollywood, the reluctance of the acadamy to acknowledge womens voices, and Hollywoods sexism. This is an incredible article, and definitely should be read.

A new Takei on Feminist Perspective. Madeline Sloane tells us why Anita Sarkeesians video had such an impact on her, and hr writing. Incredible article.

Katie Price-My Column in The Sun will show people I’m not just boobs, lashes and fake tan. Sharon Hendry. Price talks, life Lessons and feminism in this article, showing us that she really is quite intriguing!

7 Worst Body Negative Food Ads. Deborah Dunham. Some ads are just ridiculous. Like the ones in these slideshow. One of them I took a photo of when I was in last in New York, absolutely flabbergasted at it, its marketing campaign, and the fact that it was right in times square. For shame (Pepsi).

Body Image- How women contribute to girls asking YouTube if they are ugly. Joyce McFadden. While I dont particularly agree with this whole… *look, you are to blame for this as well!* line of thinking,  I think it is so important to raise awareness for the fact that how we act and what we say has a very huge cultural effect on others, and we need to be mindful of that. Magazines which focus on appearance only reflect a society which is obsessed with appearance.

The F-Word- A Contemporary Feminist Critique. Carissa Suter explains why the fact she sometimes loves her body is viewed at as so heinous -especially by beauty companies.

In an Airbrushed world, how do you define what is truly hot. Erin Anderssen and Ottawa. just read it!

Janet Bagnall – We haven’t come far enough. 101 years after International Woman’s Day was launched, we still need it – but not for the same reasons. Janet Bagnall. Ms Bagnall uses our lack of female elected officials and documentary MissRepresentation to explain why we still need to keep working.

Topless Protestors Crash Milan Fashion Week in Demo against Anorexic Models. Suzannah Hills. This Happened. Honestly, I dont really agree with their methods, nor what they did. But… I am bringing the story to you to bring it awareness. Protesting topless was a smart move to ensure media attention, but…

The Mainstream Myth About Eating Disorders. Autumn Whitefield-Madrano. This Article from Salon, which is fasst becoming one of my favourite sites, examines the new campaign for eating disorder awareness week which asks women to post photos online of themselves not wearing make-up, and how the assertion that Body Image plays a major role in eating disorders is wrong. This is one of the better articles I have ever read on Eating Disorders, and is an absolute MUST READ.

Men should speak Up about Anorexia. Fredy Tlatenchi explains why men need to begin to speak out and raise awareness for anorexia.

Read about the Disney Debacle here and here.

I am pretty sure I have posted this video, but as it was a massive talking point this week, here it is again.

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