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It has been a slow week.  But a big week in the US as Virginia voted down a bill that would have allowed some rather invasive processes with ultrasounds for abortion. I am following the Birth Control debate closely, as I wonder about potential ramifications in Australia, especially given the current political climate with our leadership party in disarray, people believing media hype, and Tony Abbott having a potentially good chance at the top job. Given his stance on Abstinence… I would rather a win for women, not white republican men in the US. France banned mademoiselle, photoshopping has also been in the news, and more on gendered toy advertising, and Chris Brown has received a lot of ink – though not for his paid work. It has been a big week… but rather light on good content. Here we go!

Despite Misconceptions, feminism remains an important aspect of society. Rhiannon Root. just a fantastic little article re-iterating why feminism is important, what it is, what it isn’t, and why definitions are so murky.

Adieu Mademoiselle- Option to be Mrs or Miss goes missing on French offical forms. Angelique Chrisafis. What a win. no longer a Miss or Mrs in France, but a Ms.

Slick Web Apps Slaps Stereotypes By Remixing Toy Commercials. Angela Watercutter. Now, I HAVENT tried it yet, as I have been slammed with artwork, and am so behind due to being sick, but this new app allows you to remix gendered commercials, so Boys dialogue over girls toys and so forth! AMAZING! see more about Toy ads and Learning Gender here. [Video]

Study finds thin stars in magazines may help women’s body image. Misty Harris. A study by Ph.D candidate Ariana Young at the University of Buffalo has had some interesting findings. I think I will follow this one closely.

Poor body image linked with facebook time. @Flinders University. FLinders psychologist Dr. Amy Slater has found a link between high internet usage and poor body image…

PETA – Sexy or Sexist. Rebecca Cleaver. OH MY. I laughed so much in this. I really enjoyed Ms. Cleavers writing style, and she scored point after point succinctly detailing why it is I also have massive problems with PETA and Dan Matthews.

Auckland women launch campaign against Tui beers *retro sexist* advertising. @Auckland.scoop. Auckland group Feminist Action have launched a campaign against beer brand Tui for their sexist ads which call on tired old sexist stereotypes of women (and men). Read more here about how it is playing out. Video here on Retro-Sexism.

Column. Personhood Bills and the Feminist Apocalypse. Mia Tapella. Ms. Tapella explains rather effortlessly and succinctly what’s going on in the US  with transvaginal ultrasounds and contraception. Read more about how it played out, and may be dead here.

Jon Stewart – Feminist in Bloom? Sarah Seltzer. There are some great links, and Ms. Seltzer does a fine job at both applauding Stewart for his current achievements without allowing the audience to forget where he has failed in the past.  I think this is important. Check out the amazing videos to punctuate her argument. This is all about the Contraception Debate which is inexplicably being waged in the US by white republican men and religious leaders, and President Obama passing quite an incredible and mature bill making contraception and birth control accessible to all women.


Unattainable Beauty – Photoshopping blunders over at the Daily Beast.

Arts classical nudes get Photoshopped to be skinnier This is such a wonderful comment on photoshopping. Shared by Jean Kilbourne on Facebook (she always dishes the best stuff), they offer a little ironic commentary on the whole issue of creating unattainable beauty. You can read more here.



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