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Its coming to you a little earlier today as I am heading out to celebrate a friends homecoming! He has been off traipsing the globe for the last few months, and will no doubt be complaining about the current cold snap in Europe from which he has just escaped!

There were  many great articles this week. TOO many one might say, so I will keep the commentary and synopsis to the bare minimum! There was also a lot on fat shaming, thin shaming, and body image, as well as articles coinciding with National Eating Disorder Awareness month in Canada, The USA, and the UK, so this weeks articles rely on that. They aren’t all positive. In fact, many of them are down right troubling… But I think they make for really interesting discussions. Best make a coffee/ tea, and grab some snacks.

Slut Shaming in Advertising – But Not Really. Jessica Blankenship. My favourite post this week, and I will probably NEVER tire of making people read it. Most of us on the Interwebs are familiar with Slut-Shaming, and there is a propensity among people to scream slut shaming at just about anything. But, as Blankenship highlights, teaching sexual responsibility (as the advertisement in question does) is not slut-shaming. As I stated on my personal blog, the minute you become sexually active – regardless of the number of partners you will have – you inherit new responsibilities, such as providing protection, and regular STI (STD) tests.  This is not slut-shaming.

Glamour Pledges to use less PhotoShopping Jessica Ogilvie. After listening to their readers, Glamour magazine says they will make moves to reduce the amount of retouching on models that appear in their magazines! Fantastic news!!

Vancouver Media maven talks about her Eating DisorderFred Lee. I found myself nodding along and at times feeling close to tears reading this. I hope this goes a long way to help demonstrate the serious nature of eating disorders and hopefully improving access to treatment and treatment outcomes.

Imogen Thomas – I’m in Binge Diet Hell. @Huffington Post. *exhales* im not really sure what I think about this article, or if I understand WHY the Huffington Post ran it. Imogen Thomas admits to having Body Image and Food issues  which are incredibly important to discuss… hmmmm. I feel like this sends a very negative message however to women who may be happy at Imogens current size, as she essentially states she thinks she is fat. Body Image Issues or not… this is highly problematic, though at the same time it is important for us to see that high profile women do struggle with these issues as well. Provocative.

Georgias Strong4Life Campaign relies Heavily on Fat Shaming. @About-Face. If there was ever to be a childhood obesity campaign that would fire up the interwebs, it would always have been this one. WOW Georgia, you really outdid yourself with this. Georgia State in the United States tackles childhood obesity with billboards of overweight/ Obese children featuring shaming and bullying slogans, stating that tough love was needed. While I do agree (admittedly) with the SENTIMENTS behind some of them such as Fat Prevention starts at home, this campaign is several shades of wrong. Fat Shaming is Never Going To work. Here is another article.

Beautiful Magazine – Do Magazines Create Body Image Anxiety?– A brief look at a parliamentary hearing on the matter in the UK. (the answer is Yes, by the way)

Feministing – weekly feminist reader. Um, so this is just a whole bunch MORE articles, but this week was good over at feministing as well, soooo check it out!

Boys arent immune to body image pressures – and never have been. Lina Ricciardelli. Amen.

Celebrating our natural sizes. Annie Shiel. It is Eating Disorder Awareness Month in Canada, The UK and the US and this article is FANTASTIC.

Think Before you say *You dont need a salad*. Stephanie Meier. – on labelling people due to their food choices for National Eating Disorder Awareness Month.

Feminism, Greer, and Tankard Reist. Lyn Bender. More on Tankard Reist. Important points to consider though.

Activist reflects on, looks ahead to Feminist Issues. Alex Garrison. Angela Davis gave a lecture at a University in Kansas USA about feminism and activism. amazing.

Ms. Marks 40 yrs as Feminism Splinters. Meredith May. Ms. Magazine turns 40! SFGate examines why its such a milestone, and its influence in the last 4 decades.

Other Issues this week (and it has been a big one!)

Human Hourglass – I am not sure if I am comfortable calling her this, but she has been all over the media this week due to her 20 inch waist. Ioana Spangenberg states that she is not sick, and it is natural and I feel like this should be respected. She is being called a lot of awful things online at the moment. Here are two articles-Us Magazine, and International Business Times

Komen and Planned Parenthood – I will admit I am not up to date and dont know enough to talk about it, as my focus has been squarely on body politics this week (and yes, you could argue that planned parenthood is body politics, and it is… but body image has taken precedence due to Georgias campaign, Spangenbergs figure, Eating Disorder awareness month,  and the current enquiry into magazines and body image in the UK). Here is Jessica Valentis post on Komen from The Nation.


The interwebs have been all over this young lady. I admit I saw this video a while ago, and thought it was pretty good, but eh.  However, if you have missed it… here it is

and A 13 year old schools us all on slut-shaming. Hayley Krischer



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