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Its been a crazy week for me! Actually, my weeks are always crazy it seems, and I am forever behind the 8 ball with lengthy lists getting lengthier – but now I am back in a study environment, my brain is melting. I thought that with Honours in the bag life would take a back seat for awhile, but health and deaths in the family and back to school and all that sort of stuff really have a way of barging in and reminding you that real life can be hard. However, I have finally set up google alerts, so I really really really REALLY can bring you what I think are the best interwebs articles relating to feminism AND body image of the week =). So here are my picks for this week =). Its a long one, so Brace yourself! (and this is small fries compared to what I have read and watched!)

Media Must do Better on Porn Debate – Emma Rush, ABC Australia. Weighing in on the  Tankard Reist Furore, Rush asks that we stop focusing on Reist*s stance on abortion, and start focusing on her work  against porn. I personally side with Catharine Lumby in the Porn debate, but this is still an interesting plea to read nonetheless.

However, its good to know all sides of the Porn debate as well. With that in mind, here is some youtube

Also, This one which I will link. Be aware this video has age restrictions and shows some graphic footage.

Killer AdvertisingKate McGuinness – a fantastic look at violence in advertising.

AdiosBarbie – This is my website find of the week. I will be adding it to the resource page! Its a site dedicated to body image, and from what I can see does its best to remain completely inclusive (though, it is still western centric). This article is a little amazing.

Please Spare us the Womens Politics Ruth Porter, The Telegraph. Ok. repeat after me, feminism is the radical notion that women are human. Or, rather, feminism asserts that there should be social, political and economic equality between the sexes. Third wave feminism goes beyond that even as third wave femininists argue that no-one should be discriminated against based on age, race, gender, sexuality, identity, social/ political/ economic status (and then some).  AND then, this new Fourth Wave movement which has been nurtured by bloggers  – pushes even further, asserting that people should be treated equal regardless of what they wear, who they sleep with, what religion they are, what gender they identify as, social status, economic status, appearance… and the list goes on.  Its an exciting time to be involved! However, it has become even more fractured than the third wave was. Unfortunately, with all the fracturing, and activists/academics alike each pursuing their own particular field, the central tenet gets a little lost – Which is why Laurie Penny states “There are many different types of feminism, but some of them are wrong”. And I have never emphatically agreed with one statement so hard in my life.

Gloria Steinem: ‘This generation of women is more feminist than we ever were’Alex Strachan.This is the one article of the last week that took my breath away. and if you read nothing else, you must read this-

The first question was a fireball. The bloggers in the room may not have understood it, but it certainly got their attention. A lot of women in the room owe their positions to Steinem, the questioner said. Steinem broke down barriers for women. But looking at today’s generation, did she break down those barriers “so young women today can dress like hookers and be OK with being treated like a piece of meat, whether it’s in a music video or in social situations?” Isn’t it ironic, Steinem was asked, that what she fought so hard for has been rejected by the generation that came later?

Steinem was candid in her reply, and perhaps surprising.

“No,” she said simply. “This generation of young women is actually much more feminist than we ever were. If you look at the public opinion polls, they’re actually much more supportive of all the issues of equality. And my question to the young woman who is dressing as you describe is: Is she doing it because she wants to? Is she body-proud? Is she sexuality-proud? Because then, I say, great. Is she doing it because she feels she has to? That she won’t be popular otherwise? Then, that’s wrong.

“Reese Witherspoon, whom I don’t know very well, told me she did Legally Blondebecause of me. I said, ‘No kidding. How come?’ And she said, ‘Because I heard you say you should be able to dress any way you f—ing well please and be safe.’ “

A concussion wave went through the room. The bloggers, momentarily distracted from their laptops, realized they had just been part of a moment.

Four Decades – and counting – of Feminist Journalism. Stanford Report Staff – Stanford University. This article looks back to Ms. Magazine and its influence, and to the future of blogging and its influence on feminism!



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