Best of The Interwebs!

Sorry about the Hiatus! Sadly, my sister was quite sick, and then she got better and I followed suit! The best part of being sick? lying on the couch and reading all day. The worst part? well, the not eating and being sick! and between being sick, and a VERY demanding Tween only child, finding the energy to post was just not possible. But moving on, Here is the best of the interwebs. To be honest, I havent found much in the last couple of weeks, so it is a short post!

*This is Beautiful* makes for ugly televisionMeshel Laurie at Mamamia.  This article at its core is beautiful.  I love body acceptance in all its forms. Actually, I envy anyone who loves their body, because for me it is something I simply cannot fathom – try as I might. Meshels message at the end is beautiful – She has the perfect body because it does what it is meant to. The message of the article – that weight loss tv plays into a horrible fat shaming culture that holds thin up high like a Golden Cow is spot on its mark. Shows like The Biggest Loser play into the notion of feeling GUILTY about foods you eat, with good and bad foods. Nothing bad here, right? Well… My only problem with this article is that in many ways it makes the people who WANT to change the way they look feel guilty for wanting that. For many people these shows do actually offer motivation – and as much as I as a social commentator have many issues with these shows, I do feel like this needs to be acknowledged. Its a thin line to walk though, and I think Meshel does it very well. At the posts heart it draws attention to a very very nasty culture that makes it Ok to shame people for their weight.

Why are Men such Cocks on the Internet Martin Belam – this isnt so much a post, as it is a few articles martin has put together about Internet Misogyny. Laurie Pennies is Particularly good!

How Pimps use the Web to sell girls Nicholas D. Kristof for NY Times – this is a heartbreaking story about a 13 year old girl who was being pimped out.

Are Lego Friends the enemies of American GirlsLA Times – and I would argue, ALL girls. The new lego range has created quite a stir, and while I think this particular article may be a little fear-mongering (lego causing eating disorders? REALLY???). In fact the article itself is quite weak and offers little to the debate – making me QUITE anxious for Anita Sarkeesians next video over at feministfrequency. That said… its another opinion. At the end of the day the new Lego Friends range offers little to toy playing of little girls. While lego has become more Gender Biased over the last few years, there is still certainly enough room for girls to play – unless gender biased parents are restricting it that is. Girls dont need sparkles, pink and princesses to denote their toys, nor do they need a new lego range which looks a little like Polly Pockets.

I hope for more next week. Sorry it was so weak this week! still working on my health


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