Best of the Interwebs!

Its been awhile!  There hasnt been a lot to write about, but this week has been pretty epic.

If you really want to help sisters, keep your gear onTracey Spicer. This article is problematic on a few levels. Deborah Hutton is told to keep her gear on, whilst Julie Goodwin is praised for taking it off, though apparently taking your gear off isnt feminist. Funny…  I am pretty sure that is an individual choice, and we should respect the right of women to make that choice. The problems in this op column is the contradictory messages – the main one seeming to be if you are blessed with natural beauty and a great figure – keep it to yourself and stop making the rest of us feel bad. I usually respect Ms. Spicer, but she lost me with this one.

A Broader View of Broader People – Julie Goodwin. Ms. Goodwin stripped down to her bathing suit with three other women for a body love feature on the cover of Australian tabloid mag New Idea, and the criticisms ranged from praise to downright nasty due to Ms. Goodwins size. This is her rather eloquent response. Unfortunately a link to the original online article from a Australian columnist responsible for the  most vitriolic attack cannot be found, and I apologise for that, but here is a rundown!

Katya Zarkhova Models Body Acceptance in the Buff – Brande Victorian This article features the editorial from Plus Size Models mag calling for body acceptance and more realistic models. The photos are beautiful, but I do take issue with them using the SAME STATISTICS NAOMI WOLF USED IN THE BEAUTY MYTH 20 YEARS AGO.  Its time to do some new damn research. Most fashion weeks now (not all) require models to weigh in before hand to meet health standards.

Finally! Finally! FBIs Forcible Rape Definition is Officially History – Annie Shields – Great news in the US with Rape being redefined to A/ count men!!!! and B/ includes other definitions of Rape beyond Forcible. Lets hope this catches on!

Beauty and the New Lego Line for Girls – Lisa Wade. Ohhhhh, Lego. The interwebs to be fair have been flaming this for at least a month, and I have a feeling Anita Sarkeesians next vid at feministfrequency is going to be ABOUT this. The new lego line is … Well it is pretty disgusting. I dont know why Lego feels the need to rebrand, when there are enough Gender Neutral lego products – or maybe, I just feel that the harry potter sets are gender neutral because my daughter loves them… i dont know!… but here they are. the new lego for girls…. oh, lego…


seeking the original source please.



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