If only we would accept our place, and our delusion of progress.

Women are a terrorist threat. They need to be kept silent

I will be honest. I found this and had a giggle. Why? Because, in a perfect world we wouldn’t question authority would we? We certainly wouldn’t try to say we have the right to not be abused and choose whether or not to have a baby – AT the most fundamental level!

Except… thats not MY perfect world. I heard it put best today. In a perfect world, we would live in an egalitarian society. In fact, How about i just link the video. YEP! two youtube vids in one day. Excited??? I am making up for a lack of posting for two days! The fact is – and reading through the comments on any post that sounds like feminism on the internet will confirm this – that women questioning their rights (or lack of) SCARES PEOPLE. It scares the wits out of people to see strong, intelligent, capable women realise their worth, and then some. My last post showed how white men in the media constantly use language in order to demean women in the workplace by reducing them to their appearance rather than focusing on their job performance. In fact, these men would probably agree that the world would be a better place if we could all be perfect stepford wives – because look how well that worked in Pleasantville… or, the actual stepford wives movies… Sorry, its hard enough to get the mop in my hand at the best of times… Anyway, enjoy the video. Many great points raised much more eloquently than I can, and props to her for stepping outside the US feminism box for a couple of minutes!


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