Weekly Magazine Round-Up

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In The magazines – remember that post I ran a couple of days ago from Mia Freedman? Remember how she said that it was not by accident that the magazines run diet and fitness specials in January?? I think we can definitely see it here in force.

Vogue, Grazia, Shop Til You Drop, Madison, and TV Week all win top stars for not running anything to do with food on the cover, though Shop til You Drop loses points for Laser Beauty Treatments

New idea surprisingly stayed away from body features, instead focusing on Holiday food, and the possibility of a certain English Princess carrying an heir.

Marie Claire gets points for Cameron Diaz s cover showing lines around the eyes (despite other clear photoshopping), and Cameron stating she works hard to look good, as well as a story *your body – do you see what he sees*. What can I say, it piques my interest, though problematic in its heteronormative choice of language, as well as the implication that we in some way mould our bodies for the approval of the opposite sex – though, as I have not read it, perhaps it is more likely to be a body love feature. Might have to read it in the checkout line this week!

Cleo loses major points in its focus on hetero lifestyles, the idea of females providing pleasure (is it the 80s again Cleo???) and a *does your relationship effect the way you eat* feature. I see nothing good here. Lots of linking Body to Sexuality and Attractiveness.

Cosmo, Harpers, In Style, Australian Womans Weekly, and Womens Health all get solid passes for fine covers – a little photo shop heavy on some. However taglines focusing on weight and diet detract from the colourful pretty covers. These taglines add to the constant bombardment that our bodies are truly never ours, and never good enough.

Who, Ok, Womans Day, and  NW all lose this week with their heinous taglines. Who runs a Half their size feature for their January 9 Issue – supposedly celebrating the New shapes of the stars featured (while shaming every reader bigger than them). OK runs a Bikini Body Makeover story (totally ignoring the fact that LA is freaking COLD at this time of year, so these stars would be wearing their lovely warm angora sweaters!), just in time to get women motivated into working out after indulging in seasonal treats (if you are reading this, i hope you had some pavlova for me!!!) – again we have a wee bit of body shaming on the front cover for everyone to be exposed to. congrats OK!. NW runs the second worst story with Booty Vs. Bones – showing stars in their bikinis and running the *are they anorexic*debate. Oh, NW…. when will you learn how harmful this actually is??? With confusion these days over the word *curvy*, the healthy – yet incredibly slim stars who have been saddled with the curvy tags would be no more than an Aussie size 8-10, with the skinny celebs being probably a 4-6 Australian (yes, they do exist). With Curvy often wrongly translating to Fat in contemporary language, this is sending really problematic messages regarding the female body to viewing audiences.

Womans Day however is our Solid Fail this week. Bikini Wars???? this doesnt even WARRANT discussion it is so incredibly ridiculous.

To be fair, its a bit of a tie between the Body shaming of NWs Cover, and the Body Battles of Womans Days catalogue… Both are disgusting. Both Pit women in Competition against each other which is harmful to the way we develop interpersonal relationships with each other. Some women buy into this competition idea – you know that we are all in competition with each other for the affections of men – as it is often hetero women who engage in this game. But, I digress, and that’s a WHOLE other story!! I shall have to chat about that one day. There is a whole movie dedicated to this. several (but Legally Blonde is the one that comes to mind!).

The weekly wrap-up however, seems to show a pre-occupation on beauty, appearance, weight and body shaming. Perhaps this is a January thing? Im sure the weekly mags will continue to show a trend towards gossip and shaming, so it will be the posts that feature the monthlies that show the most interesting changes. Did I miss a magazine? Let me know!

 What do you think? Which Magazine should win (or Lose, rather)?


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