Best of the Interwebs- A Read of Twilight as a Cautionary tale.


I will be honest – I dont hate twilight. I think its funny. Quite humourous – problematic of course… But i do get sick of the critique surrounding twilight. Most of it might be tolerable if it wasnt injected with attacks on stephenie meyers writing style or belief system. Perhaps even more without the constant critiques on her re-imagining of the vampire legend. And perhaps I could take a critique seriously if it didnt feel the need to compare to other series such as Harry Potter.

This Critique is nothing like these aforementioned. The Author – an anonymous person on a comment board known only as Deradius puts aside all the usual hoohaa, and examines Twilight as a powerful cautionary tale about accepting traditional gender roles and conforming to expected societal norms. Particularly with regard to male dominance (rather than partnership) in relationships. Their read is insightful and thought provoking without needing to resort to insults and simple *i hate it!!!s*. It is clear they have taken time to read the series with an open mind, which is so hard to find in a review of the series – and I have read many. There are no loosely formed arguments about the books being anti-feminist. If you read anything today, make it this piece of amazing writing.

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