More Reality Weight Loss Shows?

Yep. according to the television just then, Channel 9 in Australia has just announced a Brilliant show called Excess Baggage – a new *feel good* show coming to us in 2012. It pits 8 celebrities (including Christine Anu, and AJ Rochester – anyone else having a giggle over that? wonder how the Biggest Loser feels!) against 8 everyday Australians to shed weight on Australian TV.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, the show – which managed to bag awesome celebrity Kevin Federline (he…. married britney spears. remember?) the show will consist of a stellar eight parts hosted by Kate Cebrano (she sings… I think) helping shame all celebrities and everyday people into some kind of ideal body shape that no-one seems to be able to determine.

I wonder if they will set themselves apart from other weightloss shows by focusing on the psychological issues often associated with being overweight, or just focus on a low calorie intake, mountains of exercise – and of course silly challenges set to dramatic music and incessant contestant narration guaranteed to bore the pants off everyone.

Should I watch it?

Read more here-

Sydney Morning Herald -More Fat and Fitness on Aussie TVs 2012 menu

Popsugar – Video Preview for Channel Nines Excess Baggage



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